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Getting Scooters to Covid-19 First Responders

Getting Scooters to Covid-19 First Responders

The Covid-19 crisis has ushered in a period of sickness, fear, confusion, and fatigue across the planet. Naturally, we're all looking for a little hope. At Unagi, we're trying to carve out a humble corner of optimism by helping the frontline caregivers who are bravely addressing the needs of the sick during the crisis.

We were recently contacted by Dr. Simran Gill of New York City's Presbyterian Hospital, asking us for help purchasing Unagi Model One scooters for his colleagues. We were moved by Dr. Gill's description of the difficulties facing NYC healthcare workers -- especially the difficulties in simply getting to and from the hospital each day. We immediately set to work sending Dr. Gill and his co-workers ten scooters to provide them a safe and easy way to commute during the crisis.

Dr. Gill tells a little of his story here:


We were able to help Dr. Gill and some of the folks at New York-Presbyterian, but there's a lot more to be done. That's why we're asking for YOUR help in supporting the brave frontline healthcare workers of New York City. We have set up a GoFundMe page for donations to benefit healthcare workers in NYC and to help them commute freely and safely. Every dollar donated will go towards delivering scooters to caregivers in the city AT COST.

Even though we are living in uneasy times, we're seeing selflessness and collaboration everywhere in our daily lives. Join us in supporting the spirit of hope as we work through the Covid-19 crisis. We're all in this together.