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The New Unagi Service Center

The New Unagi Service Center

There are actually quite a few ways that Unagi is different than every other scooter company. You're probably thinking, "Hold up, don't get carried away" (bear with us).

Let's remember the lightweight electric vehicle industry is still very young. Other modes of transportation like that of the automotive or bike industry are actually 100+ years old. So in that sense, it's not entirely surprising that in the gold rush of micromobility that a company would emerge with a unique set of values, emphases, and tradeoffs at the core of its identity.

You're already aware of many of them: Dual motors. Premium materials. Lightweight is king. And it's not difficult for anyone to see that Unagi cares about design more than any other scooter company.

But the topics for today are brand, customer obsession, and our All-Access subscription service, which launched in 2020 in both L.A. and NYC.

Anyone can say they care about customers on a website headline. It's obviously another thing to do something about it. Whereas most scooter companies are known for a "ship it and forget it" business model, Unagi pursues healthy roots wherever its customers are.

"No other scooter company today has the equivalent of our service center" — TJ Compagnone, Unagi COO

Our new service center in the California East Bay will serve to make all logistics under the Unagi brand more efficient, as well as deliver on the high promises of the All-Access monthly subscription program—where customers can have a scooter delivered to their door in a matter of days and with no cares or commitments always know that they've got a freedom steed to experience the world on. 

When you subscribe to All-Access, you can know that if anything at all happens (including theft), we have you covered. Another fresh and quality-checked scooter will be to your door in a matter of days (and quick repair time applies to purchasers too, for those of you who have formed emotional attachments to your Unagi's).

The service center is also important for sustainability, as companies dealing with electronics can sometimes choose to let devices go to waste instead of put in the hard time and money of refurbishing and salvaging. This is also a reason why Unagi invests far more effort into packaging than competitors (although that Apple-esque unboxing feel is pretty nice too).

The authoritative Electric Scooter Guide says, "Most scooters do not come in boxes like these. Most scooters are shipped straight from China, and basically you get styrofoam." 

Tech reviewer Solider Knows Best says:

"most electric scooters come inside a cardboard box with styrofoam everywhere, but this was very neatly packaged, and this is important because you do get a 30-day return period, no questions asked."

All combined with our customer support team that we invest in (and do not hire overseas in East Asia like many) and treat like the true Unagi team members that they are and should be, you're in really great hands.

Behind the brand, Unagi has real people like TJ, Rob, and David who care a lot about treating customers fairly, delivering delightful experiences, and creating the future of cities. We're here to serve highly effective and thrill-seeking people like you with the new service center, and we believe this is only the beginning!