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Pro Tips from Real Scooter Riders

Pro Tips from Real Scooter Riders

Telling people through paid advertisements that an electric scooter will change their life is one thing. Letting them hear it from real people who own and love their scooters is something else. Now that we all have the ability to find out how well a product actually serves its customers’ needs, good reviews are the lifeblood of a company’s reputation. At Unagi, we aren’t only proud of our product, but we are also proud of how much our customers adore it. What are they saying? 

It turns out Unagi customers agree with the professional reviewers, who have raved about the single- and dual-motor Unagi Model One’s sleek looks, portability, quality craftsmanship, and high performance on the road since its debut. In its second review, Electrek called Unagi’s E500 “a rolling work of art… simply a beautiful scooter…. The whole thing just looks and feels like a step above everything else out there. I know this is the worst cliche I could use, but I’m going to say it anyway: If Apple designed a scooter, this would be it.”

Most of us don’t get the chance to ride “everything else out there.” We’re busy students, commuters, artists, parents, etc. We need to hear from other busy people like us. But there are exceptions, of course. “Electric mobility has become a bit of an obsession,” one Unagi rider writes:

We currently have a Tesla, OSET mini-bike, Alta Motors big-bike, and have churned through several Razor products (scooter, motorcycle) and even a OneWheel. The Unagi scooter has immediately become a family favorite. It's beautiful, powerful, intuitive, and light enough to pick and carry up stairs without a problem. 

Likewise, another customer writes, “I’ve used a few different scooters and haven’t come across one as good as my Unagi. It looks great and the dual motors crush hills. It also is light enough to carry around, so I can use it for my daily commute.” Comments about Unagi’s looks, power, and portability stand out in customer reviews. One rider calls it “the sleekest scooter I have seen.” 

Crushing Hills

The Unagi E500 may have the looks of an iPhone, but there’s nothing fragile about this scooter. Beneath its clean lines lies enough power to easily conquer the most challenging urban terrain. As for Unagi’s ability to “crush hills,” we may need look no farther than the rider who writes, “I live and use my Unagi on all the steep streets of San Francisco. Great stylish ride with a lot of power.” “My family owns four scooters,” another rider writes. “The Unagi is by far the best. Best things about it? #1—The dual motors. I can make it up hills.”

I have tried SO many scooters during my research and this one is definitely the best. It turns heads everywhere I go, people always ask what kind it is and about its specs and I tell them all. It’s so fast and doesn’t take but 2 or 3 seconds to get up to full speed! It’s perfect for getting around town. I’ve even picked up groceries on it! Doesn’t hurt that the design is super eye-catching too.

Campus Cred

There’s nothing wrong with turning a few heads with your ride, and Unagi does that, for sure. It also does an excellent job getting students where they need to go. Many reviewers single out how well their scooter performs on campus, especially in comparison with shared scooters. “Being a student athlete on a major college campus, getting to practice and class on time was a pain, especially when I could not find a Bird,” a rider remarks. “Since I rented the Unagi the quality of my ride and campus cred has gone way up. I love the way it rides, the portability, and convenience of having my personal scooter.”

Big City Power Tool

Going green has never been so much fun. Urban commute turned into zen-like meditation period where all that there is, is the wind and road. Highly recommend the Unagi scooter.

Unagi riders are, by-and-large, commuters in urban areas, and many of our reviewers live in the most densely populated, highest-traffic areas in the U.S. If you want to know how Unagi performs on the most challenging city streets, you can learn from real-world Unagi commuters, who rave about its stylish efficiency. “I’ve used it way more than I ever expected and have already driven it for over 100 miles in the three weeks I have had it!” a rider comments:

I have become a walking commercial for this brand and so many friends have started looking into buying their own Unagis and scooters too! The power of the dual motor has helped my weekly commute uphill to Harlem here in NYC and even the air-less tires have coped with the horrendous potholes and uneven roads. Love this scooter very much and it has given me my independence and freedom to scoot around this big city. Thank you!

Another rider remarks, “I have been renting an Unagi scooter for the last couple months, and it is a complete game changer for NYC. I no longer need to take the subway anywhere, and I can go places I haven't been able to due to lack of subway access in the past.” 

The strengths of the Unagi are the quick folding mechanism, the weight, the light (SO BRIGHT), and the speed and power. This flies up hills in double motor mode (including the Queensboro Bridge both ways). I regularly commute around Queens and into Manhattan and it's been the quickest way I've ever commuted. 

Subscribe Over Share

Several riders comment on Unagi’s subscription service, which delivers a brand-new Unagi scooter that riders get to keep as long as they subscribe and can simply return if they want to cancel. “All in all,” writes one, “I think the subscription is definitely worth it. If you aren't sure if you want to buy a scooter, start out by trying the rental out and see if you like it. I've grown obsessed with it and I tell everybody they should rent one of these.” Subscribers get a scooter far superior to anything share companies offer. “I tried Lime and Spin,” a rider says. “Unagi is the smoothest of them all.” They also get peace of mind, knowing that their scooter is fully covered in case of damage or theft, and they won’t have to go looking for another ride when they get to where they're going since they can take their Unagi with them anywhere. 

I love this thing, I'm pretty much the quickest 250lb guy on the west side highway bicycle lane. I use it to commute to work, it zips the 2 miles there and back with no problem. It's got great power so accelerating and stopping is great. If you are on the fence, try one, it's great.

Power During the Pandemic

A major theme that has emerged in rider reviews over the past few months is how much Unagi has improved their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Unagi has changed my life,” a rider comments. “I am enjoying my commute, safely, without being forced to use public transportation during this pandemic. It is smooth, fast and robust.” Another comments, “I bought a scooter to avoid taking the train because of COVID, and so glad I did! I take it everywhere. The speed and acceleration is amazing. I am constantly passing people on their e-bikes. The portability is also great. It is extremely easy to fold up and take inside a store, etc.” 

Happy happy! Flawless! I'm 67 with a knee injury. It has been a life-changer. I ride the scooter to the trolley, trolley to the bus, scooter to work and breaks and lunch. Very light with plenty of power.

Exploration and Adventure

Riders have found themselves exploring their cities in ways they never did before (and not only having fun during an anxious time but also saving money. “Pays for itself in the first month,” as one rider writes.) One Unagi rider puts it simply. Unagi delivers “City Freedom”: 

The Unagi has been a great way to escape the work from home grind. I can quickly get to relaxing spots in the city during a lunch break, or just cruise around on a Saturday morning. The scooter has been maintenance-free and works well. The dual-motors provide quick pick-up when you need it, and good power up hills. Very easy to fold, unfold and carry. If the subscription model is available in your location, it is a great low-risk way to find out if riding a scooter is for you. It’s a blast!