We all know electric scooters are fun. The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair – trying one out is not a hard sell. There are also the practical benefits discussed in many a publication; electric scooters, for the most part, are low carbon footprint, easy to ride, traffic busting, and cheap. What many might not be aware of are the less obvious life hacks that come with owning a lithe, electric, micro mobile vehicle.
1. Keep Scooter in Trunk, Never Valet Again
Valet pricing is no joke. In a crowded city, hotels and restaurants can regularly charge upwards of $20 to valet, not including tip. How many collective hours have you spent circling your favorite food and beverage establishments hoping for a street-side parking spot to magically free up, only to end up coming out of pocket for an overpriced valet? If you fall into this wide reaching category of consumer, you might consider picking up an electric scooter to transport you to your dining destinations unburdened by heavy parking costs. But, if you happen to be attending an event a bit too far away for a scooter ride, consider this combination: Drive + Scoot. Whether it be a dinner, concert, or sports game, the Drive + Scoot method will get you where you need to be while avoiding time spent parking-spot-circling or waiting in long valet lines and also keeping your money where it should be, in your pocket.
It is as it sounds. Store your Unagi in the trunk of your car, find easily accessible parking within a 10 minute walk from your destination, park on the cheap, and unload your Unagi to get you where you need to be in two minutes. Using this method, not only will your bank account thank you, but you’ll be able to live your life without ever having to stress about parking again.   
2. Shop, Don’t Drop
In the manner that the Drive + Scoot method saves you time, so does our “Shop, Don’t Drop” hack. How many minutes do you burn on a regular basis waiting for spots to free up in the parking lot of your local department or grocery store? If you’re one of the millions of professionals around the states who pick up ingredients for dinner during rush hour or an outfit at the mall before an event, you know the droning pain of standing still among a congested sea of mini vans and sedans. Hop on your Unagi, and say goodbye to parking lot bottlenecks forever.
Our Unagi is quick and lightweight, but its handlebars can definitely accommodate a few reasonably stocked bags. Whether it’s an impulse splurge or last minute breakfast, lunch, or dinner shopping – or meal prep for the days ahead – you can think of Unagi as your go-to shopping companion. Always be safe and maintain balance, but, with a little practice, you’ll find riding an Unagi with two shopping bags attached to its handles a breeze. Shopping will never be a drag again!
3. Charge on The Go
Ok, not all of us are the best about plugging in our devices while we sleep to wake up with a full charge. Making it even a third of the way through your workday with a drained cell phone or laptop can border on the impossible, and riding around on a lightly charged scooter is no picnic either. Lucky for Unagi riders, our charger is so light and low profile, you can store it in your backpack and plug in your scooter just about anywhere you might stop on your day’s journey.
In keeping with the etiquette rules from our last blog post, always remember to fold your scooter while walking into an establishment and to be courteous to the staff, but don’t be shy about asking for a charge. Whether you’re getting some work done in a coffee shop, restaurant, or wifi-enabled bookstore, you’re sure to find an outlet that’ll accommodate your Unagi. Plop down for a spell, concentrate on finishing your deliverables, and before you know it, you’ll be out of that battery red zone and ready to keep on riding!
4. Get More Out of Your Lunch Hour
Whether you’re working under a deadline or on a perpetually high-pressure team, you know the stress that might accompany leaving the office for lunch. If you live in a metropolitan area, odds are, you sacrifice both quality and variety for accessibility, gobbling down sub-par sandwiches and bland salads to just refuel before heading back to the grind. If you drive to grab a bite, budgeting time to find and secure parking is no doubt top of mind. And if you’re lucky enough to have some breathing room to grab a proper sit down meal or coffee with a friend, you’re probably limiting yourself to choosing one or the other. Riding on an Unagi, you can push your lunch to the max.
Whether you’re solo or riding with a friend, your Unagi’s speed and portability will allow you to break free of the confines of your geographically imposed lunching options. In the time it takes to walk five blocks, you can easily ride twenty, opening a vastly larger base of options from which to choose. Ride further to your preferred cafés, ride faster to dine longer, or ride-and-stop to hit multiple venues during a single lunch hour. Imagine that, using your Unagi, your mundane sandwich session can transform into a restaurant, coffee, and juice outing all rolled into one.  
5. The Public Transport Piggyback

We took great care to make sure that our lightweight electric scooter also sports a minimalist frame. Not only will you find carrying an Unagi down to the subway or up the steps to a bus a breeze, you will also find it noninvasive. While the bulk of other scooters and bicycles might pester your fellow commuters, the slim build of the Unagi only inspires curiosity. You’ll both save space and incur your fair share of compliments!

When piggybacking off public transportation, you’ll find your Unagi a superboost to your daily commute. Consider the time your normally allot for your walk to and from your train station or bus stop no longer a point of consternation. Bring your Unagi along for those longer rides, and you’ll immediately find your days less jam packed and more stress-free!