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CES Dispatch: The E500 Is A Big Upgrade

CES Dispatch: The E500 Is A Big Upgrade

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to Las Vegas in order to show off, contrast, compare, or merely gawk at the latest consumer electronic gadgets and trends.

We’re also in town for the show, but we’re not just spectators: along with our personalization initiative, we’ve also given our Model One a big boost. We’re pleased to announce our most powerful scooter yet: the Model One E500!

Ultra Power, Awesome Improvements

We first introduced the Unagi Model One because we saw a clear need for an alternative to modern mobility options. We didn’t want to design “just another scooter” -- instead, we wanted to liberate people from the tyranny of the costs, inconvenience, and carbon emissions of traditional transportation. The all-new E500 is the culmination of our mission of personal liberation. With 500 watts of power and at only 26 lbs, the sleek and light dual-motor scooter delivers a top speed of 19 mph with 32 newton meters of torque.

For those of us who don’t get “torque-talk,” we asked our Head of Product, Alex, to sum up the E500’s new benefits:

More power: “To get you off the line faster, we’ve upped the power and put new 250 watt solid-axle motors on both the front and rear for a total of 500 watts.”

Improved battery: “We’ve also improved the battery for more constant power delivery, so your Unagi will use its power more efficiently, only slowing down right before it really needs a charge.”

Easier folding: “Our ‘One Click’ fold has long been one of our favorite features, and now there’s a new 4mm adjustment screw at the base to dial in the perfect unfold position.”

Our Micromobility Thesis

Unagi founder and CEO David Hyman is thrilled to present our updates at CES. “The electric scooter is transforming personal transportation as we know it, and we saw the opportunity to deliver a personal scooter that marries the highest style and function that an owner can take as much personal pride in as the would a car,” he said. “The innovative design and materials of the Unagi One E500 give riders a unique blend of personal style, performance and function to get people where they’re going in an environmentally-conscious, fun and functional way.”

Days after being named the best all-around electric scooter by CNET, and the most beautiful e-scooter by Reddit readers, we’re using our time at CES to restate our mission: We want to deepen the connection between people and their communities by setting the standard for portable urban mobility. We also want to share the freedom of movement with you, and thanks to the all-new E500, that freedom is more powerful than ever.

The pricing for the Unagi One E500, with its powerful battery and motor upgrades, will remain the same as the E450 at $990 (with $60/month financing through Bread). It is available for purchase as of today on the Unagi website. Personalized paint schemes are available as of today for an additional $300.