Input Review

"Unagi means "eel" in Japanese, and it's a fitting name for a company making shiny, sleek, agile e-scooters.

Unagi's e-scooters are BEAUTIFUL OBJECTS that are EQUALLY FUNCTIONAL.

Depending on the paint job you choose, the Unagi Model One literally glistens and gleams, and with almost all the cabling hidden, the digital display integrated into the handlebars, and other thoughtful design decisions, everything about this e-scooter says premium.


I routinely lugged it up and down the 64 stairs to my apartment without incident, and I’ve seen people in supermarkets carrying them over their shoulders or tucking them into a shopping cart. I tend to favor putting a basket on the deck and rolling the scooter about the store myself.

That level of portability is a huge advantage in my book because it means you don’t have to find somewhere to chain up the scooter, and in turn, don’t have to carry a chain or bike lock with you.”

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