Gliding Through NYC On The Best Designed Scooter In The World: Rider Profile

People all over the world are discovering how your own perfect electric scooter can make life more efficient, adventurous, and fun. A city like New York is the perfect playground for the innovative design, support, and community of Unagi. Whether you’re riding through the city for work, running errands, or just exploring the sights around you — the Unagi makes it possible.

“Without the Unagi, I’d be stuck in traffic.”

Emma Magidson is a New York-based set designer who’s always on the go. In this short video, Emma shows us just how easy and exhilarating it is to glide all across the Big Apple in style on her Unagi. Emma can prep for shoots in the garment district of Manhattan and zip to a prop shop in Brooklyn all in one day. It’s astonishing to see how easily Emma can navigate the bustling city with the help of her Unagi.

“Everyone is in disbelief at all the different locations I can pop up in.”


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If you’re in New York, stop by the Unagi Soho store in person and test it out yourself. We can even tag along and take you on a ride. Say hello at 135 Wooster Street.

Sydney Abrams

Sydney Abrams

Sydney here! I am the Social Media and Community Manager at Unagi Scooters. Hope you enjoy our editorial.

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