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Scooter So Fresh, So Clean


Scooter So Fresh, So Clean

We asked, and the Unagi community answered. Read our Unagi riders’ insightful tips on keeping your scooter so fresh and so clean.


@Kammal Mohammed uses Windex, and other Unagi riders agree it’s a simple and efficient way to go. Just a few sprays and a wipe down, and your Unagi will be squeaky clean and ready to roll.


@Donald Smith uses simple green and a rag. Unagi riders say this is the method for a deep clean in just five minutes. Then you’re primed to ride!


On the go? @Jorge Lee suggests any brand of baby wipes. If you’re looking for an especially quick and easy method to clean your Unagi scooter, our community agrees that any brand of baby wipes will do. Pack them in a bag, do a quick wipe while you’re out and about, and glide on with your day.

Sydney Abrams

Sydney Abrams

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