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CES Dispatch: Announcing Unagi Personalization!

CES Dispatch: Announcing Unagi Personalization!

No two neighborhoods are exactly alike. Similarly, your daily commute leaves a unique imprint on the world around you that usually differs from that of your neighbors, your roommates, and even your spouse. To that end, we think your method of mobility should be able to express your unique self.

We are thrilled to use our time at the Consumer Electronics Show to pull back the curtain on something we’ve been working on for months: Personalization! For the first time, you can design your very own Unagi scooter by either mixing and matching from a palette of solid colors or choosing from our selection of limited-run patterns. Your custom Unagi will be crafted just for you.

You can check out our Custom scooter selection right now, but we wanted to give you some details on how it works:

1. Choose a Ride

We’ve put together a collection of limited-run patterns, from Urban Camo to Teen Spirit to Alo-Heyyy. Whatever your style, we’re sure you’ll find a pattern that will enable you to express yourself while you’re on the move.

2. Or, Roll Your Own

We’re offering a palette of over 35 colors to customize their new ride. Customers can choose custom colors for handle bars, steer tube, and deck.

We have also added Starter Kits. With a Starter Kit, you can select a pre-filled color combination (like the Rastafarian flag, or good ol’ Red, White and Blue). From there, you can purchase the color combo as-is, or you can tweak color combinations as you see fit. Or, if you want a blank canvas to satisfy your creativity, you can start a scooter design from scratch.

3. And We’ll Make It!

Because Unagi impregnates the dye into the high-end custom coat of each scooter component -- a more durable treatment than a wrap or sticker approach -- our made-to-order Unagi Model One scooters become lasting personal works of art.

After receiving your order, we create art files that map color and/or patterns to the contours of the handlebar, steer tube and deck of the scooter before printing to custom transfer sheets. A heated vacuum process specific to each part then infuses the ink into the clear coat so the graphic is actually embedded and as durable as our paint. If our custom colors and patterns were merely printed on top, they could easily be rubbed off.

We're super excited to see what you all create, and we’re even more pumped to get the finished product into your hands. Build your unique creation today!

Personalizing the Unagi Model One is available with our new upgraded E500 dual-motor model, and sells for $1,290.