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Your Personal Liberation Device

Your Personal Liberation Device

Beginning today, Unagi Scooters is now shipping its world-class electric scooters to pre-order customers in the United States, and new orders are immediately being fulfilled.

“The Unagi Scooter heralds a new era for the commuting consumer who simply wants an ultra-lightweight portable electric scooter made to the highest standards with superior design and durability as a requirement”, says David Hyman, co-founder, and CEO. “Our buyer recognizes the incredible utility a device with our feature-set and build-quality can bring for solving local “last mile” transportation.”

The Unagi has received numerous “best-of-breed” accolades as “the scooter worth owning” from numerous publications including The Verge, Engadget, Gizmodo, and Elektrek.

The Unagi Model One E250 “single motor” ($740) and The Unagi Model One e450 “dual motor” ($890) are now shipping throughout the United States in four colors – Cosmic Blue, Gotham Gray and Sea Salt White along with our Matte Black as a special order. Unagi offers “no-money-down” financing for the Model One starting as low as $25 per month.

To celebrate the occasion, Unagi has launched the Commuter Calculator, an easy-to-use web app that breaks down the relative costs and convenience of various modes of commuter transportation (car service, public transport, ride-share scooters vs. owned scooter). Utilizing publicly available data, it is designed to highlight the incredible value the Unagi Scooter brings to the transportation market.