Unagi gives a LIMITED WARRANTY for ONE (1) YEAR from the date of purchase, subject to certain limitations, on your new Unagi scooter against defects in material or workmanship when properly used, maintained, and stored in accordance with the recommendations set forth by Unagi, including in the Unagi Manual.

Unagi’s liability for any defects in material or workmanship with respect to your new Unagi scooter shall be limited, at Unagi’s option to: (1) Repairing the product by means of Customer Support or by providing service at no charge for parts or labor; (2) Replacing the product with a comparable product, which may be new or refurbished; or (3) Refunding the original amount paid for the product less a reasonable allowance for usage, upon its return. Unagi may, at its discretion, request photographic and/or video evidence of any alleged defect in material or workmanship to verify and process a warranty claim. Any scooter replaced under warranty must be promptly returned using the pre-paid return label provided by Unagi.

The limited warranty periods begins upon the date of purchase.


Limitations of Warranties

Unagi scooters are designed to provide years of reliable use when used, maintained and stored in accordance with Unagi’s instructions and recommendations. However, the potential for misuse or unapproved modifications or alterations to your Unagi scooter exists.

This limited warranty shall not apply to any Unagi scooter that has been repaired, altered, or modified in a way so as in Unagi’s judgment to adversely affect its operation, performance, or durability. The limited warranty shall not apply to any Unagi scooter which has been subject to misuse, abuse, nor to any Unagi scooter not used in accordance with Unagi’s instructions. In addition, the limited warranty does not provide coverage for:

  • Normal wear or maintenance items, or normal deterioration including, but not limited to, tires, grips or standing pad;
  • Routine maintenance and adjustments;
  • Water damage;
  • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, or use inconsistent with recommended use, such as off-road use, as set out in the Unagi Manual;
  • Damage caused by theft, vandalism, fire, or any act of God;
  • Damage caused by removal of parts, improper service, repair and/or maintenance, modification or use of parts or accessories not manufactured or approved by Unagi;
  • Damage caused by overloading the Unagi scooter;
  • Damage caused by accidents, or other similar circumstances; and/or
  • Scooters purchased from unauthorized resellers.

Special note on batteries: Batteries require regular charging to stay healthy. If storing your Unagi scooter for long periods of time, make sure to do so with a fully charged battery to avoid any potential damage. Failure to follow these storage guidelines will void your warranty. Please refer to your Unagi manual for further instructions on battery care and let us know if you have any questions.


Except as otherwise expressly stated herein, UNAGI makes no other warranty or representation of any kind, expressed or implied. The implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are excluded from this limited warranty. To the extent they cannot be disclaimed, the implied warranties are limited in duration to the life of the express warranty. This limited warranty also excludes incidental, consequential, and special damages. This exclusion of consequential, incidental, and special damages is independent from and shall survive any finding that the exclusive remedy failed of its essential purpose. The remedies set forth in this warranty are the only remedies available to any person under this warranty. UNAGI FURTHER DISCLAIMS ALL EXPRESS WARRANTIES. Some States/Provinces do not allow for the disclaimers, limitations, and exclusions identified above and, as a result, they may not apply to you.

Upon purchase of a Unagi scooter, purchaser assumes all liability for all personal injury and property damage resulting from the handling, possession or use of the Unagi scooter.

No agent, employee or representative of Unagi is authorized to bind Unagi to any affirmation, representation or warranty regarding a Unagi scooter except as specifically contained in this limited warranty.