Rasheed Muhammad, Beverly Hills

Rasheed Muhammad is sick of Los Angeles traffic. In order to preserve his sanity, Rasheed has traded his everyday driving habit for the portable and beautiful Unagi Model One. It’s an essential accessory for navigating LA streets -- and for looking good in the process.

Rasheed Muhammad - “The average mile in LA is 16 to 20 minutes.


This is what I’ve realized: Traffic greatly affects my mood. When I’m in traffic and I have to deal with that, I’m convinced that the stress of dealing with everyday traffic affects your quality of life and health and mental well-being. So scooters, for me, have probably helped me have longevity in life at the end of the day.

I needed a scooter that was lightweight, easily foldable, and something that was aesthetically pleasing as well. The Unagi, for me, matched exactly what I needed in a scooter.


I have driven my car 1500 miles in 3 years. That’s when I adopted scooters.

See, now look at this guy. He’s not fully accessorized. He needs to have a scooter that goes with his outfit!”