How Can We Help?


To contact us you can call +1 (888) 428-3499 between 7am and 6pm Pacific Monday through Friday. 


Address: 1040 22nd Ave, Oakland, CA 94606

Quick Start Guide

In case you need it, we’ve made our user manual available here.


    Helmet use is a personal choice over the age of 18 in most states; however we strongly encourage helmet use at all times when riding your Unagi scooter.

    Please refer to your local road use laws, and when in doubt, use common sense.

    Do not operate in rain, and use caution in wet conditions. The scooter is water resistant, however, your ability to accelerate, stop, and turn will be greatly diminished.

    Do not charge the scooter in wet conditions.

    Do not operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs.