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How Do Electric Scooters Work?
How does an electric scooter work? What goes into these urban travel vehicles in order to move the wheels, brake, or even make them turn? If you are interested in learning how an electric scooter works, you’ve come to the right place.
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Commuting By Electric Scooter? What You Need To Know
Electric scooters are highly convenient, easy to transport, and environmentally friendly; three things that the average commuter looks for to make their journey easier. So, if you're thinking about switching up the way you commute, now's the perfect time to learn all about the commuter scooter.
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Why Are Electric Scooters So Expensive?
Why are electric scooters quite so expensive? Well, a scooter is the sum of its parts, and good parts don't come cheap. Read on to find out what's behind an electric scooter price and why getting your hands on your favorite mobility device might force you to dig deeper into your pockets.
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Our Top Tips For Riding Your E-Scooter at Night
In this article, we're going to share our top tips for riding scooters safely at night. From ensuring your e scooter has bright headlights, to making sure you always wear reflective clothing, there are multiple ways to ride an electric scooter safely at night, and still have fun.
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