We offer free shipping in the United States. Due to high demand and custom orders, shipping times will be estimated at time of order. Delivery time after shipping varies by country.

For orders within the USA: Due to the value of our packages, we have elected to ship using UPS's required signature option to our US customers. UPS provides tools to customize your delivery experience once your tracking number is ready. If for some reason you are unable to receive your package, and it is returned to us, we will refund your order less the cost of roundtrip shipping.

We will attempt to honor all requests for order cancellation. However, we cannot guarantee cancellations on orders that have already been sent to our fulfillment centers for immediate shipping. In such cases, US customers may be able to leverage our Return policy.



Due to the unprecedented situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing delays in shipping scooters to customers. These delays are largely caused by the following:

1. As a response to the pandemic, we are implementing rigorous safety procedures, including increased physical distancing and extra hygiene precautions, at our scooter manufacturing centers. As a result, our time from manufacture to shipping has increased.

2. As commuters and travelers worldwide have sought alternative and sustainable mobility options that allow for safe levels of physical distancing, we have seen an increase in demand for the Unagi Model One. This has temporarily impacted our inventory level that normally enables us to ship scooters to customers within a few business days.

We have updated our estimated shipping time on our website to our best estimate of when we can ship your order. If we still miss this estimate, we will be sure to reach out to you.

We have also been made aware that UPS has suspended its Service Guarantee due to the unprecedented situation caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have also been made aware that UPS is delivering packages without asking for recipient signatures, likely to comply with local, state, and federal social distancing guidelines.

While the UPS changes do not impact the ship-by date for your scooter, you may experience longer in-transit shipping times, and your scooter may not arrive with the same person-to-person delivery experience that you normally expect from UPS. Please check applicable package tracking tools that you will receive with your Shipping Confirmation email.

During this time, we recommend that you take the following steps:
1. If you have not already done so, you should sign up for text message shipping updates. You can do this via the following method:
a. Follow the "View Your Order" link in this email
b. On the Order Status Page, tap "Get Shipping Updates by Text"
c. Add your mobile number and tap "Submit"

2. Keep track of your scheduled delivery date. If you know you won’t be home on your delivery date, you can either contact UPS or use the "Delivery Options" with your tracking number to reschedule your delivery date for a day you will be present to receive the delivery.



We at Unagi hope you enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday season. We want to call a few things to your attention as you commence your holiday shopping:

UPS Holiday shipping

UPS has published its guidelines on US holiday shipping deadlines. Since Unagi uses UPS ground shipping, December 15 is estimated by UPS to be the latest date for shipping an Unagi scooter.

We think you should expect to order sooner if you want to get your Unagi scooter by Christmas Day. We want to stress two points:

(1) Ordering an Unagi scooter on or around December 15 DOES NOT mean you will get the scooter by Christmas Day. The reason? Unagi has additional time-to-ship requirements for its products. These estimates (currently 3 days for most Model One scooters) represent the time we estimate between the completion of a customer order to the time when that order is shipped via UPS. For example, if you want a Model One scooter with 3-day shipping estimate to arrive by Christmas Day, you should order it at least 3 days in advance of the December 15 UPS ground shipping deadline, ie, December 12th (or sooner -- see #2).

(2) Given the unprecedented increase to shipping volumes caused by Covid-19 (see above), and the expected influx of nationwide shipping volume brought about by the holidays, we estimate that UPS delivery times will be much longer than their site estimates. This expected phenomenon is being termed Shipageddon.

In order to avoid Shipageddon and absolutely ensure your Unagi scooter orders reach their intended destinations by Christmas Day, we think you should complete your orders by December 5th, 2020. This way, you can make sure you and your loved ones are scooting in style for the holidays.


Black Friday Bundles

Items in our Black Friday Bundles (Commuter Bundle, Couple's Bundle) will ship separately. Here is your guide for understanding when Black Friday Bundle items will ship to you:

 Item Estimated Shipping Time
Model One E500 Scooter - Matte Black, Cosmic Blue: 3 days 

- Sea Salt: 30 days (due to high demand)

    Carrying Satchel 3 days
    Unagi Helmet 3-4 weeks
    Spare Charger 3-4 weeks