We Got Invited to Soulja Boy’s 31st Birthday

We got invited to Soulja Boy’s 31st birthday, and we surprised him with a brand new Unagi scooter. Knowing parking would be hectic in the Hollywood Hills, we cruised up the winding roads on scooters instead, and arrived in style, without breaking a sweat.

When we got there, the party was lit. The place was swarming with paparazzi and packed with other artists and celebrities. Everyone was gathered around the pool out back, and with Soulja Boy’s sign-off, we climbed up to the roof, and did backflips into the pool. The rest of the night was insane, and the cops ended up breaking up the party after that.

Check out the TikTok video that went viral. And now if you spot Soulja Boy cruising through LA on an Unagi, you’ll know the story behind it. Since then, we’ve partnered with artist Jadon Coble to create a one-of-a-kind Rick & Morty x Soulja Boy scooter, and we’re pretty stoked with how it turned out. Stay tuned to watch us hand deliver Soulja Boy’s custom scooter next.

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Sydney Abrams

Sydney Abrams

Sydney here! I am the Social Media and Community Manager at Unagi Scooters. Hope you enjoy our editorial.

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