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Accessorize Your Adventure
Start your journey with a collection of curated goods selected for safety and style. Unagi curates the best and reinvents the rest so you never have to stress over your gear.
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Happy Earth Day
Cities freed from cars, costs, and pollution. A world where there’s more time to enjoy the people and places you love. We’re part of a micro-mobility revolution. We’re heading in the direction of cities becoming more human-centered and livable. Happy Earth Day from Unagi.
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Take it all in, Miami
We love Miami- it’s like no other city. At Unagi we believe there’s a better way to get around our cities- that is via our eco-friendly outside ride, the Model One electric scooter. Leave your car behind. Subscribe to All-Access and enjoy the best designed scooter on the planet for just $49 a month commitment free.
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Manhattan Made Easier: Rider Profile
Serafima is a real estate broker living a busy life in New York City. In this short video we see the ways she’s come to rely on the Unagi scooter to move around the city for work and pleasure. It’s eye opening to see how she picked up an Unagi and found a perfect fit. 
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Say Hello to Our Newest Color, Moss
We’re proud to offer the Unagi Model One in Moss, our newest shade. Green is of course the color of nature and growth. A green light says go and invites action. Our Moss green signals all that.
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Unagi Scooters: The Musical
Here at Unagi, we believe that freedom of movement means living more life. The opportunity to ditch a ride service, or avoid public transportation and navigate on your own terms is truly liberating. So how do we communicate that open air, free feeling you get riding an Unagi? By creating a music video, of course!
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The Unagi Model Eleven in More Detail
Three main things all scooter designs have to balance: portability, power, and comfort. One way to look at these is as trade-offs. The Model Eleven pushes hard against all of them. We want to get rid of any trade-offs and make the world’s best way of getting around. We integrate features unlike any other scooter.
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Unagi All-Access: Rolling into Summer
With the addition of Chicago, Washington DC, Northern Maryland and Virginia, and NW Indiana, our All-Access scooter subscription service is now available to more than 75 million people. But we’re just getting started: we want to make Unagi the ubiquitous standard for short-distance transportation around the world.
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