Cynthia Leu, San Francisco

Cynthia Leu has a full plate. A tech worker by day, Cynthia spends her off time balancing the parallel lives of a powerlifter, entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and more. Riding Unagi helps this USMC veteran cut down on everyday complications and focus on her journey of personal strength and self-care.

Cynthia Leu - “My name’s Cynthia Leu. I’m a powerlifter and a former Marine. Part of the reason I wanted to become a Marine was to put some structure into my life and be less of an issue.

I work in tech during the day, and I actually just started my own clothing line. I love sharing what I care about on social media, so my feed focuses a lot on mental health and being open about my life and my struggles. A short and pain-free commute definitely contributes to my happiness.

Mental illness tends to be invisible, so I choose to be open about the tough times. I know that it can help others see that you can live a normal life and not let it define you.”

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