The Best E-Scooters For Fall Commuting

Daniel Foley
Written By: Daniel Foley
Updated on: 5/19/2024
Published on: 9/8/2023

It's a crisp, Fall day and you're gliding effortlessly through the streets on your electric scooter while the low sun casts long shadows that dance beside you on the pavement. Fall is the season of transformation, and what better way to embrace change than with the wind in your hair and the hum of an electric scooter beneath your feet?

There's something truly magical about the fusion of man-made technology and the natural world at this time of year. And so, with a range of electric scooters available, which one is the best one for fall commuting?

In this article we'll explore the best electric scooters for fall commuting and outline a few considerations before buying one.

Let's dive straight in.

Are you on a tight budget?


Budget will always define the type of electric scooter you can afford, because they all come at different price points. Saying that, for commuting, e-scooters are one of the most cost-effective options, especially when considering the price of cars and even e-bikes.

According to Rei, the average cost of an e-bike is $2000, while buying and running an electric car costs over $10,000 per year (Self). On the other hand, you can ride the Unagi Model One on an all-access subscription for just $59 a month.

Entry-level scooters

If you're purchasing your e scooter, entry-level scooters are the most low cost. In most cases, a budget scooter costs up to $400, which seems reasonable—but what are you getting for your money?

These scooters often lack speed and range, so you might have to charge them frequently. If you're looking for a highly connected scooter, low-cost models often lack special features such as apps and Bluetooth.

Professional scooters

Most mid-tier e-scooters are designed for city riding and commuting and often include features that enhance your ride. Starting at around $900, a professional scooter gives you a longer range, better top speed, and suspension for a comfortable ride.

Most electric scooters in this category also have connectivity, such as Bluetooth and apps, allowing you to customize your ride.


Premium scooters

Premium scooters are like the luxury SUVs of the car world. They're expensive, packed full of features, and you do tend to get what you pay for. However, buying one of these electric scooters could set you back more than $7,000, but most fall in the $3,000 to $4,000 price range.

While these premium models might seem impressive, most aren't designed for commuting, and because some scooters can go up to 100 miles per hour, it can be illegal to use them on public roads.

Where do you live?

Your location is another crucial factor in your decision because you'll need to find a commuter scooter that performs well and keeps you safe. Considering the following things before deciding will ensure you know what kind of scooter you'll need.

What's the climate like?

The USA is unique because no state is the same. From California's endless sunshine to New York's harsh winters, there's much to consider when choosing an e-scooter that will keep you safe on the roads in Fall. Living in a climate with a lot of snow or rainfall means you should find a scooter with a decent IP rating.

However, living in hot climates isn't without risk because the motors and batteries might overheat.

What size do you need?

All scooters have the same base design, but individual models might have a small or larger deck. Large decks are ideal if you're tall or unfamiliar with scooters, as there's more space to stand, and you can rest your feet comfortably on the deck.

The maximum weight capacity is also essential because commuter scooters won't work well when exposed to a lot of weight. Not only will the e-scooter have to work harder to get you up inclines, but it can also compromise your safety.

Choosing a scooter that can accommodate your weight and height will ensure a better experience, so check the manufacturer's specified limits before buying your chosen model.

The best electric scooters for commuting during fall

When it comes to commuting, two top models that fall into the affordable and medium-priced e-scooters category include Unagi's Model One and Model One Voyager.

Unagi Model One


As Unagi's flagship e-scooter, the Model One was designed to offer ride quality. It weighs just under 13.4 kg as a lightweight electric scooter, making it easy to commute to the offers and store the scooter when it's not in use.

With a range of up to 12 miles and a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, the Unagi Model One delivers on all bases and comes with a price tag of just $990.

But I'm on a budget, you say - we hear you. You can also access the Unagi Model One through an all-access subscription, which allows you to pay $59 a month.

With insurance and regular services, you get a commuter electric scooter without breaking the bank.

Unagi Model One Voyager


If you're looking for a scooter with all the hallmarks of a premium commuter e-scooter, then say hello to the Unagi Model One Voyager. As the second creation from Unagi, the Voyager will take you to new realms of convenience, with an impressive maximum range of 25 miles and 20 miles per hour speed.

Riders can also look forward to speedy charging and dual electric brakes with an anti-lock feature. With a maximum power of 1000W and a range of features, the Voyager will quickly become your favorite mode of transportation.

Better still, it's also available as an all-access subscription, so you'll only pay $69 per month.

Choosing the right commuter scooter for your needs

When choosing an e-scooter for Fa;; commuting, it's important not to jump into the decision. You naturally want peace of mind when hitting the city roads, and these are the factors you should consider before buying a scooter.


Commuter electric scooters should be able to cover your daily travel and not require charging every day. The range is integral to how much use you get out of your scooter, but that doesn't mean the scooter with the longest range is best for your needs.

Many off-road and racing scooters have ranges exceeding 70 miles, but charging them takes time and power. In contrast, a budget electric scooter might have a range of eight miles, so you won't get much use out of it before having to charge it again.

A commuter scooter should give you between 12 to 25 miles, depending on how you plan to use it.



Speed is where things can get complicated because there are speed limits for e-scooters, and some won't be legal on public roads.

Off-road and racing scooters typically have higher speeds because they need to navigate rugged terrain, but commuter electric scooters should have a top speed that aligns with your city's limits.

In most cases, a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour will give you a stable ride and protect you on the roads.

Weight & portability

The best electric scooter for your needs will also depend on how portable your chosen model is. With some performance and off-road scooters weighing up to 70kg, it won't be easy to transport the scooter.

Finding a commuter model that folds easily and allows you to carry it around will give you a better experience. Folding scooters can fit into bags, making it easier for people to store them in the office.

Safety features

Safety is paramount—especially when riding on public roads during busy times. Electric scooters should have reliable braking systems, with anti-lock brakes being the favored choice. Tire choice should factor into your decision, with scooters having solid rubber or pneumatic tires.

Solid tires are puncture-proof and easier to maintain, which makes them a good choice for commuter scooters as you won't be riding over challenging terrain.

Good lighting is essential for night riding, and the scooter should have front and rear lights to enhance visibility. However, you can also buy brighter lights for more visibility.


Lastly, ask yourself how comfortable you'd feel using the scooter. While it's not always possible to test electric scooters before buying them, most reputable brands have a refund policy allowing you to return the scooter.

Remember to look at reviews and ensure you're making the right decision. If a scooter has more bad reviews than good, you'll know to steer clear of it.

The bottom line


So, as the leaves overhead form a kaleidoscope of colors, dappling the path ahead, let the world slow down, hop on your two wheels and savor every moment of this incredible time of year.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley

Daniel tests all the latest e-scooters and currently enjoys the Unagi Voyager as a daily driver for it's light weight, good range, and stylish look.

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