Which Is The Fastest E-Scooter In 2024?

Daniel Foley
Written By: Daniel Foley
Updated on: 7/17/2024
Published on: 10/5/2023

When it comes to e scooters, whether you're an adrenaline junkie or a newbie eager for your first thrill, speed, along with range and handling, always tops the list, with comfort not far behind.

Welcome to the high-stakes speed war where manufacturers fiercely compete to outpace each other. They're not just pushing boundaries; they're obliterating them, engineering e-scooters that redefine what it means to be fast, powerful, and efficient. This race isn't just about dominating the market- it's about setting the pace for the future.

So, which e-scooter zooms past the competition to claim the title of the fastest in 2024?

In this guide, we break down the numbers, from acceleration to top speed to range. We line up the contenders, analyse the specs, and reveal which e-scooter blasts past the competition to seize the crown as the fastest in 2024.

Strap in and prepare for a ride that promises to be nothing short of exhilarating.

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Which characteristics define a "fast" scooter?

Here are the main characteristics of performance scooters.

Top speed

Entry-level models and electric scooters designed for commuting will usually have their speeds capped at 25 mph. However, as their skill level advances, most riders will crave a little more thrill and start to seek out scooters that give more in the way of top speed.

The average rider only requires an average top speed of about 40 mph, which is why manufacturers like Segway and Apollo design their flagship scooters, the Segway GT2 with a top speed of 41.8 mph and the Apollo Pro 2023 with a 42.8 mph max speed. That said, for adrenaline junkies, racers, and sporty riders, we have models designed to go all the way to 70 mph, with brands like Kaabo, NAMI, MiniMotors Dualtron, and Rion particularly excelling in this category.

Motor power

Performance scooters utilize higher-wattage motors to run effectively. We have electric scooters like the EMOVE Roadster, which features dual 2000 W motors with a legendary peak output of 15500 W. Additionally, performance electric scooters will exclusively feature dual motors.

However, it’s not just about sheer motor power; high-performance scooters are keen on the type of controllers used. The efficiency of the controller determines the overall performance of the scooter. For aggressive, more abrupt power delivery, opt for a scooter with square wave controllers and sine wave controllers for smoother, more controlled riding.

Braking system

Brakes are central to any scooter's safety levels, but they're even more important for fastest electric scooters. Given the speeds that these scooters reach, the rider must be able to come to a sudden and controlled stop on demand. Therefore, you will find that these extreme scooters mostly feature mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes, as they are stronger than their drum brake counterparts.

Additionally, the rotors on these brakes are usually thicker to prevent bending and warping from overheating. Most scooters will have brand-name braking systems, with the most common ones being Logan, Magura, NUTT, Zoom, and XTECH. They also feature strong regenerative braking to further ensure a shorter stopping distance, with all our listed scooters stopping in under 11 ft from a speed of 15 mph.

Battery and Range

Performance scooters have higher power needs than the average commuter scooter. This demands special attention when it comes to the battery choice; for instance, they need large batteries. The Dualtron X Limited has one of the largest batteries on a production scooter, with a massive 5040 Wh primary battery and a secondary 192 Wh battery for its lights.

You’ll also realize that these performance scooters carry brand-name batteries, as they tend to offer longer battery life over generic ones. The common brands include LG, Samsung, and Panasonic. The batteries are also mostly equipped with 21700 cells, which are more energy-dense than the 18650 cell arrangement. They also run on voltages as high as 84 V on scooters like the Dualtron Storm Limited and the EMOVE Roadster.

The primary benefit of these larger batteries is their range potential, with the Dualtron X Limited going a tested 86.4 miles on a single charge. The added deck weight also increases the stability of the scooters. On the negative side, however, the extra weight is a bummer when trying to move the dead scooter.

Design features

There are many features and factors to consider on high-speed scooters that are not necessary on regular commuter scooters. First, the scooters need to cater to high-speed stability. This usually calls for a steering damper, which brands like the NAMIs and Dualtrons are well-known for, while scooters like the Kaabo Wolf Kings and the InMotion RS adopt dual stems. The Segway GT2, on the other hand, went with the largest rake angle on a scooter (currently) paired with a girder front end to guarantee stable steering. Regardless of the approach, you don’t want a wobbly stem when going 50 mph+.

Next, we have tires. For ride comfort, performance scooters will mostly feature air tires. The majority are pre-slimed, self-sealing, or tubeless to reduce instances of punctures. Air tires also have better grip in wet and slippery conditions that are inevitable on adventure trails. The tires also have larger profiles to increase contact with the ground for improved traction. Majority will additionally have rounded profiles to help with cornering.

Suspension is a no-brainer when discussing high-speed scooters, as it helps with absorbing vibrations that would otherwise make for a very uncomfortable ride. The suspension systems on these scooters are mostly adjustable for rebound and preload settings, allowing riders to customize their feel according to their weight and riding conditions. Hydraulic shocks are the most popular; however, Dualtrons have notoriously stuck with rubber suspension, which works for their models.

There are other small considerations, like a throttle design that lessens fatigue after long hours of riding, a higher-quality material design that can withstand the aggressive riding involved and potential falls, advanced customization options to ensure that the scooter responds to your liking, and cooling mechanisms as these electric scooters dissipate more heat than average from their high power output.

Safety features

High-speed scooters differ significantly from high-speed cars, primarily because there are fewer ways to protect the rider in the event of a crash. However, manufacturers have still managed to integrate some safety systems to mitigate risks. These scooters feature:

The fastest electric scooters in 2024

These scooters are the fastest models you can buy in 2024. Are they all practical? Probably not. But if you're all about speed and power, they're worth your attention.

Scooter Model  Max Speed 0 mph To 15 mph Time (in seconds) Range  Weight  Price 
Slack Core 920R 90.1 mph 1.37 s 40 miles  105.8 lbs $8400
Rion 2RE70 Thrust 80 mph Unspecified 50 miles  68.34 lbs $10,000
EMOVE Roadster 72.1 mph 1.5 s 54.7 miles  143.08 lbs $5795
Kaabo Wolf King GTR 65.8 mph 1.6 s 43.2 miles 137.59 lbs
Dualtron X Limited  62.5 mph 1.8 s 86 miles  182.98 lbs $6995
InMotion RS 62.1 mph 1.6 s 44 miles 122.57 lbs $4600
Kaabo Wolf King GT 61 mph 1.8 s 54.9 miles  125.66 lbs $3595
Dualtron Storm Limited  59 mph 1.9 s 66 miles  115.74 lbs $5199
Nami Burn-E 58 mph 1.6 s 53 miles  106.04 lbs $4299

Slack Core 920R

Slack Core 920R is the fastest electric scooter

Slack Core 920R is the fastest electric scooter for adults with a tested top speed of 90 mph.

What we like

  • Fastest electric scooter
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Benefits of a boutique scooter in a production model
  • Great ride quality

What we don’t like

  • It will take a while for production to catch up with demand
  • It’s quite expensive

The Slack Core 920R is an edgy-looking, racing scooter by South Korea’s NUMO Global, who are experts in extreme performance scooter production. They’re renowned as the former manufacturers of Weeped’s racing machines. The Slack Core 920 R is the fastest of the Slack Cores, with other variations like the Slack Core 1220 catering to range, and the Slack Core 920 and 916 calibrated for high (not extreme) performance.


The Slack Core 920R is the ultimate racing machine. In fact, its $8400 cost is not exactly justifiable if you're not completely hammering the throttle to the scooter's tested 90 mph top speed. At peak power, the dual 200 amp controllers push out a peak power of 33600 Watts.

Thankfully, it has a manageable throttle response– going full throttle from a standing start will get you to a claimed 100 mph in just 60 seconds, making this a beast best ridden by experts.

The e-scooter is powered by a 72 V 2592 Wh battery. The 72 V system means the scooter keeps pumping current even as the battery depletes, which is expected of racing scooters. Nevertheless, you will get decent mileage per charge from the energy-dense 21700, 40T cells by Samsung (a fellow Korean brand).

For braking, the Slack Core 920R relies on 4-piston Magura brakes. Additionally, the parallel sustained suspension in the front is more for braking efficiency than it is for ride comfort.

Ride quality

The Slack Core 920R might be the fastest electric scooter in the world, but it’s relatively easy to ride for someone comfortable behind the cockpit. You require an extremely steady hand, but once you get going–the scooter feels extremely stable thanks to the forged titanium handlebars, stem, and parts of the frame. Part of the frame also features cast aluminum.

Overall, the construction allows for a high-strength scooter body, but also one that’s flexible enough to absorb vibrations and torsions, resulting in an extremely comfortable and stable ride.

Additionally, the scooter’s 11-inch PMT tires are the best wheels for racing. And the rear 165 mm suspension does most of the shock absorption, ensuring ride comfort.


While this is a boutique scooter, production is a little behind demand and it might take up to six months for customers to get their hands on this scooter. Besides that, the scooter’s $8400 price tag is a little steep.

Rion 2RE70 Thrust

The Rion 2RE70 is a fast electric scooter for adults - but is only available via pre-order.


What We Like:

  • Groundbreaking speeds of 80 mph
  • It's lighter than most performance scooters
  • The folding design makes this scooter easy to transport

What We Don't Like:

  • It's ridiculously expensive.
  • The scooter can overheat.

This is the only custom scooter on the list. We had to include one since these types of e-scooters tend to have insane speeds and power. The Thrust is one of Rion Motors’ hyperscooters and an upgrade to the Rion RE90.

This is an 'IT scooter.' It is capable of commuting and racing; it is super powerful but still portable; and is perfect for both beginners and expert riders. If you have a $10,000 budget, and you want the best electric scooter in the world, this might just be it.


The custom Rion 2RE70 Thrust has a proven top speed of 80 mph, which is really just insane on a scooter. But everything on this scooter is insane–it has excessively powerful dual motors controlled by Rion Tronic (2*) 430 Amps FOC controllers that help the Thrust achieve its out-of-this-world performance.

The Rion Thrust’s wheel throttle provides a gentle launch, at the same time facilitating high top speeds. The acceleration curve is unlike anything else on the market, and you can configure the settings on the Rion app to get the optimal engagement for your intended riding.

Rion offers two batteries with the Thrust–an 84 V, 2940 Wh battery that gives you more range, and an 88.2 V 2646 Wh battery that gives you more power. Depending on the battery and your riding style, you can expect a range of between 25 and 50 miles. Additionally, the battery uses some super high capacity rate 21700 MOLICEL cells.

For braking, the scooter relies on Magura disc brakes, front, and rear, that bring the scooter to a controlled and precise stop.

Ride quality

The ride quality on the Rion Thrust, despite its speed, is amazing. The scooter's design and build work in unison to ensure you have just the right amount of flex for your riding–from the carbon fiber body to the sub-aluminum front and rear arms, to the stiff stem, the plush suspension, and the 11-inch PMT racing slicks.

The aerodynamic design lets you cut through with minimal wind resistance. Additionally, the scooter is water-cooled and also has well-crafted air scoops to keep the scooter from overheating given the speed potential. The state-of-the-art display lets you do everything from customizing the ride to keeping track of your performance.

At 68 lbs, this is the lightest performance scooter, and thanks to the quick and easy folding mechanism, riders won’t have much problem getting it to storage.


There are only two potential drawbacks for anyone looking to own a Rion 2RE70 Thrust: the cost, and the production time. The scooter costs a whopping $10,000 which is no small investment. Many would argue that it’s a little too much for a scooter--the jury’s still out on that one. Secondly, while Rion promises a quick turn-around on production, it could actually take you up to a year to secure the Rion, so don’t be in a rush.

EMOVE Roadster

EMOVE Roadster

What we like

World record for top speed and acceleration on a production e-scooter

  • Incredible braking
  • High-quality carbon fiber construction
  • Highest-ever maximum rider weight of 500 lbs
  • Excellent ride quality

What we don’t like

  • Quite expensive

The EMOVE Roadrunner is literally the newest kid on the block-a 2024 flagship release by VORO Motors under their in-house brand EMOVE. VORO is known for its quality electric scooters, such as the long-ranged EMOVE Cruisers and the best-seated e-scooters, the EMOVE RoadRunners.

The Roadster is the culmination of 3 years of work on its design and it shows. The scooter is made entirely of carbon fiber, which begins to explain the $5795 price tag. But the reason it makes this list is that the Roadster is currently the fastest production scooter in the world, with a tested top speed of 72.1 mph. Not only that, but Voro asserts that the scooter will undoubtedly reach the claimed 80 mph.


The EMOVE Roadster broke as many records as the NAMI BURN-E did when it was first launched. Besides the top speed, this scooter also has the quickest acceleration to 30 mph, clocking the speed in just 3.1 seconds.

For power, the EMOVE Roadster relies on a 3360 Wh battery fitted with Samsung 21700 energy-dense cells. Independent reviewers achieved a real-world range of 54.7 miles ridden in max performance settings, with manufacturer claims of 74 miles on a single charge.

The scooter is driven by 2000 bldc dual hub motors, delivering a peak power output of 15500 W. The power from the motors was enough to surpass the hill champs, NAMI, making the Roadster the new king of hills. As for braking, the Magura MT5 4-piston hydraulic brakes guarantee one of the shortest stopping times on an electric scooter.

EMOVE Roadster

Ride quality

The scooter delivers a very comfortable ride. The ergonomic design ensures minimal fatigue when out and about, including the swept-back handlebars that allow for a comfortable stance, the vertical thumb throttle that’s easy on hands, the spacious 22-inch x 12.8-inch deck with a good 7.3-inch clearance, and one of the best foot rests ever made.

The ride quality is further optimized by the scooter’s 11-inch x 3.5-inch large tubeless tires, which come with tire sealant. They work in tandem with the front and rear hydraulic suspensions, which are adjustable for both preload and damping. Jointly, and with the customizable speed and acceleration settings, riders get to enjoy the airiest feeling on a high-performance scooter.

The carbon fiber design makes everything look good and feel good and gives you confidence that you’re riding on a durable and reliably built vehicle.


VORO hit all the stops with this one. The price definitely makes it a niche offering, not unlike other scooters in its class. An IPX5 water resistance rating feels a little low for such an expensive scooter, even though you shouldn’t be racing such machines in the rain. But all things considered, the EMOVE Roadster is a true masterpiece.

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Kaabo Wolf King GTR


What we like:

  • Great performance per dollar
  • Removable battery
  • Massive deck clearance
  • Traction control
  • Unlimited power

What we don't like:

  • Extremely long when folded
  • Shortest range of the group
  • Low handlebar height

The Kaabo Wolf King GTR is the latest iteration of Kaabo’s performance Wolfs. Like its predecessors, this scooter set the world speed record on a production scooter, clocking 65.8 mph and only marginally surpassing the former Wolf King GT’s 61 mph.

The Kaabo Wolf King scooters and the Wolf Warrior 11+ have been the go-to scooters for thrill seekers and were awarded the title ‘baddest scooters on the planet’ by Redditers.

The King GTR’s time as the fastest electric scooter in the world was short-lived—losing the crown to the Slack Core 920R and the EMOVE Roadster—but there are still plenty of reasons why this scooter is worth your consideration.


The Kaabo Wolf King GTR is one of the best performance scooters you can buy and sweetens the deal by being the most affordable electric scooter in its performance category. With the King GTR, you get record-breaking acceleration, reaching 30 mph in a meager 3.3 seconds.

The scooter produces a massive 13440 W peak power, enabling it to tackle any kind of terrain, with an especially fast hill climbing ability. The motors are controlled by a single sine wave controller rated for 160 amps of peak current, giving you bottomless power.

In addition, the removable 2419 Wh battery provides sufficient power for your riding needs while delivering a 43.2-mile range on a single charge when ridden in the max performance mode. And for braking, the King GTR has some of the thickest rotors on an electric scooter, which prevents warping and bending, guaranteeing good working condition for a long time.

Ride quality

The King GTR is unquestionably the king of potholes. This is courtesy of the largest clearance - 9.3 inches- we have on any scooter on the market. The scooter never bottoms out and will easily glide over all manner of obstacles. In addition, it has a good set of adjustable front and rear suspensions, with front preload adjustment and rear rebound adjustment. This not only means good ride quality but also a ride experience tailored to your unique riding needs.

The scooter has huge 12-inch by 4-inch hybrid tubeless tires, which have sealant to close up any punctures. In addition, the scooter has traction control, which prevents excess wheel spin, giving you better control over your riding, especially at high speeds and on slippery tracks.

The King GTR uses a trigger-style throttle, which, depending on your preference, can be a good or bad thing. On top of that, the bars are super wide - a little too wide for some people - and they are shorter than ideal. The scooter, however, makes up for riding ergonomics with the ultra-spacious 22-inch x 9.3-inch deck, the easy-to-read display with well-laid-out p-settings, and the dual stem that eliminates speed wobble.


Most scooters only come close to perfection, and the King GTR is no exception. It has a shorter range than its peers, which can be a huge trade-off for people who want to go far and fast. The handlebar set-up can be a bit challenging, with the extra-wide handlebars that sit lower than ideal. In addition, it’s really long when folded, which makes storing it a bit challenging.

Dualtron X Limited


What We Like:

  • Phenomenal range
  • Impressive top speed
  • Great-feeling front and rear suspension
  • Bright lights for night riding
  • Awesome display accompanied by an app

What We Don't Like:

  • It's ridiculously heavy
  • The most expensive production scooter
  • No IP rating

Now it's time for another absolute beast by Dualtron. The X Limited is one of the most exciting performance scooter releases the industry has seen, and there was a lot of buzz before it finally hit the stores.

Does it live up to the hype? Well, if you feel the need for speed and love limitless rides, absolutely. The Dualtron X Limited is one of those scooters that isn't afraid to show off, and the range of features certainly makes it a popular model for thrill-seekers.

Is it flawless? No. But let's examine whether this scooter is right for your needs.


The Dualtron X Limited is surprisingly fast, for a scooter that bulky. It has a claimed top speed of 70 mph, but independent testing puts it at 62 mph with claims of some riders reaching 64 mph. The scooter has massive dual 2000W motors, with a peak power output of 134000 W, controlled by dual 70 Amp squarewave controllers.

Now, pulling on the trigger throttle delivers a linear power output, which is fun and powerful, but will also rip your arm off if you’re not accustomed to this much power on a scooter. It’s not as quick as NAMI or Wolf King scooters as expected due to its weight, but will get you to 30 mph in about 4.1 seconds. The weight also means it struggles a little more on hills than its peers–but just marginally.

The 4-piston NUTT hydraulic brakes also get the job done efficiently, which is necessary for a scooter that’s this huge and that rides as fast. Lastly, the X Limited has the largest battery ever on a scooter–5040 Wh, with energy-dense LG cells. To add to the crazy, the guys at MiniMotors even added a second 192 Wh battery for the lights, so you’re getting the most from a single charge–86.4 miles ridden in extreme performance mode.

Ride quality

Riders agree that the Dualtron X Limited is the most comfortable scooter to ride fast when standing. It has something to do with the scooter’s ultra-stable construction. The 182.6 lb scooter feels completely planted to the ground and feels like it can handle anything you throw at it.

The X Limited has hydraulic shocks that are adjustable for rebound, and have endless travel–you’ll feel like you’re floating on clouds. The scooter feels no bumps, also thanks to the ultra-wide 13-inch by 5-inch tires. They have a nice rounded profile for cornering, allowing you to just keep riding. In addition, it has a quality steering damper to guarantee zero wobbles at high speed.

The X Limited’s massive deck allows riders an immense amount of comfort on the road. The deck sits 6.5 inches above the ground allowing the scooter to comfortably roll over obstacles. And the inclusion of an app and comprehensive display accords riders means to customize their rides, as well as comfortably keep an eye on their riding stats.


The X Limited is no stranger to a little criticism. First, the scooter is the biggest, most massive scooter we have seen, even for a scooter in its performance class. The weight is far off the curve from other scooters in its class at 183 lbs. That aside, it occupies so much space that it is impractical for apartment dwellers.

Additionally, for a scooter that costs $7000, we thought this would be the Dualtron that got an IP rating, but it didn’t. With that size of investment, it feels like a bit of a rip-off not to have the confidence to ride it year-round.

InMotion RS


What We Like:

  • Adjustable handlebars accommodate taller riders
  • Great scooter for light offroading
  • Comfortable ride
  • Great handling
  • IPX6 water resistance

What We Don't Like:

  • Minor issues with app connectivity
  • Issues with finishing, e.g., fender quality, the clamps that hold the display, etc.

InMotion is famous for its unicycles and low-budget commuter scooters–but it changed the game in 2023 by releasing its flagship performance scooter, the InMotion RS. For a first foray in the performance category, InMotion did extremely well with the RS capturing the interest of many scooter enthusiasts and winning several accolades at the same time.

The InMotion RS is an aggressive and sporty-looking e-scooter with the power and performance to match. It held the world record for top speed briefly when it was first launched and remains one of the fastest scooters you can purchase today. Let’s dive into the InMotion RS.


The InMotion RS has a 62.1 mph tested top speed, with speedometer readings as high as 65 mph. The 4000 W scooter with a peak power of 84000 W, and dual 50 Amp sine wave controllers has smooth acceleration, recording one of the quickest times to 30 mph–3.5 seconds. This puts it in the ranks of the NAMIs, the Kaabos, and the EMOVE Roadster.

Imprinted on the scooter is the slogan ‘climbs hills with ease’--a promise the scooter lives up to. It accelerated all the way to the top in different independent tests, clocking one of the fastest hill climbs on a scooter. Additionally, thanks to the 160 mm ZOOM hydraulic brakes, the scooter has an incredible stopping distance, making it safe to go full throttle on any kind of terrain.

The InMotion RS also comes with a 2880 Wh battery with 21700 energy-dense cells. The range is decent enough, but relatively lower than its peers at 44.7 miles on a single charge

Ride quality

The best part about riding the InMotion RS is the incredible handling. It feels nimble and agile despite its 124 lbs weight. The scooter is good at cornering and carving, which makes for quite a delectable ride.

The 11-inch by 4-inch tires deliver an extremely comfortable ride especially when paired with the hydraulic spring shocks that are adjustable for preload and rebound. If you’re primarily interested in the RS as an off-road companion, consider switching to knobby tires for better performance.

The scooter has dual stems like the Wolf Kings for high-speed stability. However, InMotion also goes the extra mile by installing a built-in adjustable steering damper that you can tune for loose steering that’s great on casual commutes or make it stiffer to eliminate wobbles at speed.

The scooter is also quite accommodating of taller, bigger, and heavier riders. The handlebar is adjustable between 41.3 inches and 43.3 inches tall. Additionally, the deck is one of the longest, measuring 22.5 inches by 9.8 inches, and is capable of comfortably accommodating riders up to 330 lbs.


There are a few issues with the scooter’s finishing, for instance, the squeaky damper in certain settings and the quality of the rear fender. Additionally, riders might experience issues connecting with the app–though over-the-air updates should help with that.

Kaabo Wolf King GT

Kaabo Wolf King GT

What We Like:

  • Impressive speeds and range
  • Adjustable suspension allows you to customize your ride
  • Navigates rugged terrain effortlessly

What We Don't Like:

  • It's one of the heaviest scooters around
  • The GT doesn't come with an app

For a long time, the Kaabo Wolf King GT reigned supreme in the speed and acceleration categories, with a 61 mph tested max speed and an acceleration of 3.8 seconds to 30 mph.

The Wolf King GT builds on the success of the ultimate off-road scooter, the Wolf Warrior 11+, but with more tech integration and a better overall design.

In 2023, the Wolf King GT was retired with the release of the Wolf King GTR. However, it is still available for purchase, and given its outstanding performance, we can categorically crown it as the cheapest performance scooter in the market.


The dual 4000 W motors deliver a peak output of 8400 W, which is more than enough power for sporty riding. Unlike the GTR, the King GT has dual 50-amp sine wave controllers responsible for its super-quick acceleration of 1.8 seconds to 15 mph. And in terms of top speed, some riders claim to have reached 65 mph.

The scooter is additionally equipped with a 2520 Wh battery that’s responsible for the GT’s outstanding 55-mile range, which is 11.8 miles more than you’ll get with the King GTR. It also achieves a shorter stopping distance courtesy of the Zoom hydraulic brakes fitted with 3 mm rotors.

The scooter is also one of the quickest hill climbers, falling very slightly behind the ultimate hill champs, the NAMI Burn-E and Burn-E 2 Max.

Ride quality

Design-wise, the scooter differs a little from the King GTR. The King GT e-scooter has a neat, easy-to-operate thumb throttle for acceleration. The handlebars are just wide enough for the average adult to adopt a comfortable riding stance, and they sit at an optimal 40 inches tall. Additionally, the deck is ultra-spacious at 20 inches by 9 inches, overall making the King GT better ergonomically designed.

The scooter retains the signature dual stem that gives the Kaabos that high-speed stability. It’s also installed with a full suspension setup that, paired with the large 10-inch air tires, delivers an ultra-smooth ride on or off-road. Also, the tires are pre-slimed, meaning you won’t have to worry about flats.


To find fault with the Kaabo Wolf King GT, you have to really neat-pick. For instance, you could call out the 125.4 lbs that make it challenging to carry the scooter, but that’s to be expected of all the scooters on this list. Or the fact that the scooter does not come with a dedicated app, which Kaabo solves with the large and easy-to-read display and an extremely well-laid-out p-settings menu.

For $3195, this is beyond a bargain and the most economical way to tap into performance scooting.

Dualtron Storm Limited


What we like:

  • The range is impressive.
  • Double-click throttle.
  • The lights mean you’ll always be seen.
  • Riders have more stability with the wide deck.
  • The overall build quality is impeccable.

What we don't like:

  • The Dualtron Storm Limited is a big-budget scooter.
  • The footrest moves when you step on it.
  • As with most scooters, this isn't a model you can easily transport.

MiniMotors Dualtron invented dual-motor performance, and their releases are some of the most anticipated in the performance scooters category. The Storm Limited model is no different, and - despite its name - this scooter has no limits in terms of performance and experience. However, with a price tag of $5199, it's also one of the most expensive models.

Let's see if the Dualtron Storm Limited lives up to the hype.


The Dualtron Storm Limited retains the title for the second largest battery we have on a scooter, coming second behind the Dualtron X Limited, and obviously keeping the crown in-house. The scooter has a massive 84V, 3780 Wh battery fitted with energy-dense LG cells 21700 cells. This resulted in a 66.8-mile range, with the scooter ridden in extreme performance mode.

That aside, the scooter also has a double click throttle, which unleashes 60 Amps peak current per motor, delivering a nerve-wracking burst of energy that requires an extremely steady hand to keep the scooter in control. But even without the double click function, the scooter’s 11500 W peak power still feels sufficient.

The Dualtron Storm Limited further features NUTT hydraulic brakes that paired with the scooter’s awesome-feeling hydraulic suspension give the riders good control of the scooter. The Storm demonstrated a stopping distance of 10.5 ft from a speed of 15 mph.

Ride quality

Dualtron scooters have a notorious stem creak that the majority of their models are known for. The Storm Limited was the first scooter (followed by the X Limited) to essentially do away with the stem creak by installing 3 bolts at the bottom of the stem to guarantee stiffness. To further ensure a stable ride, the scooter comes with a steering damper, which we recommend installing if you’ll be riding the scooter fast.

The Storm Limited has rubber suspension, whose cartridges can be swapped out depending on how soft or stiff you want your ride. The handlebars are on the shorter side (37.7 inches) like most Dualtrons. The scooter clearance on the Storm Limited can be adjusted by changing how the swing arms engage with the cartridges and it also helps that the kickstand is adjustable to match the new height.

Additionally, the scooter has large 11-inch, flat-resistant tires that absorb road shocks, guaranteeing a comfortable ride. And riding on one of the longest decks - 24 inches by 12.3 inches–means that you have plenty of room to shift your stance and avoid fatigue on longer rides. The trigger throttle is great (or not, depending on preference), and paired with the aggressive squarewave controllers means no dead zone. It's a bit of a loud ride, but you’ll fully experience the scooter's fun factor.


Tall riders will need to purchase handlebar risers, which adds cost to one of the heftiest price tags on a scooter. Additionally, the footrest moves when pressure is applied, and that needs some getting used to.

Nami Burn-E


Source: NAMI Electric

What We Like:

  • Supreme ride quality
  • Good range
  • Incredible hill climbing
  • Unique hand-welded tubular frame with a carbon fiber steering column
  • It's lighter than many other performance electric scooters

What We Don't Like:

  • Minor safety issues
  • The screen could be better
  • It's not portable

The NAMI Burn-E was NAMI’s first-ever scooter and is one that’s held its own even as NAMI continues to release some of the best performance scooters. The scooter is the brainchild of Michael Sha, who used to work at Kaabo, but had ideas of a beast-mode performance scooter that didn’t compromise on build or ride quality. This vision came to fruition with the creation of what was initially known as the Viper.

The NAMI Burn-E is a 59 mph scooter, with some riders even reporting a 60 mph+ top speed on GPS. It’s one of the world’s quickest and fastest scooters, and we’re about to see just what else to expect from the Viper.


Along with its ferocious top speeds, the scooter also has a range of around 53 miles, which is great if you're interested in long two-wheeled journeys. It’s powered by a massive 72 V, 2520 Wh battery made using Panasonic cells.

In terms of its acceleration, the Burn-E will go from 0 mph to 15 mph in just 1.6 seconds and can reach 30 mph in a mere 3.7 seconds. This was the world record on a production scooter before the Slack Core 920R, the EMOVE Roadster, and the Kaabo Wolf King GTR came along and overtook the Viper.

Additionally, the powerful dual 3000 W motors with a peak power output of 8400 W make the Burn-E a monster on hills and off-road trails. The NAMI scooters all excel at hill climbing, with some of the quickest times recorded by different independent reviewers.

Ride quality

Many riders agree that the best aspect of the Nami Burn-E is its ride quality. Michael Sha allowed the riding community in on the design process, which resulted in a scooter that exactly catered to riders’ needs.

The hand-welded tubular frame gives a rock-solid base for the scooter providing an extra kick of confidence. The sine wave controllers allow for a smooth and controlled ride, even though the thumb throttle has a bit of dead space at the beginning of travel.

In addition, the NAMI Burn-E rolls on 12-inch tubeless air tires that are not just comfortable, but also impervious to pinch flats. To complement their action, you get front and rear hydraulic shocks that are adjustable for rebound and preload settings, giving you a customized plush feel as you go over bumps and other obstacles.

The stock handlebars are a bit narrow; however, they sit 42 inches high, which is great for tall riders. You also get a huge deck measuring 22 inches by 11.5 inches. The deck has a good 5.9-inch clearance and has two runs of grip tape for stability and a solid footrest for your braking and cornering maneuvers.


Granted, the original Viper had its fair share of design flaws, but it remains one of the best electric scooters we have. That said, many of the original imperfections have been corrected in subsequent releases like the quality of the center display, and the newer models like the NAMI BURN-E 2 and Max come stock with the steering damper.

Unagi All-Access Rental Latte Electric Scooter

Things to consider before buying a fast e-scooter


Even the best electric scooters have their limitations, and fast scooters require a significant investment. Before buying one, it's important to thoroughly consider whether you actually need the performance and whether the purchase will deliver on safety, and value for money.

What speed are you comfortable with?

When it comes to electric scooter speed, bigger isn't always better. If you're a newer rider or don't have much experience riding at high speeds, it's probably best to choose a model that boosts your adrenaline, but also keeps you safe.

The Dualtron X Limited is one of the best fast electric scooters around, but with maximum speeds of over 60 mph, it's not easy for beginners to control.

Will you be safe?

High-speed rides can quickly turn into serious accidents without the right braking mechanisms. Therefore, the faster the e-scooter, the more efficient the braking system should be. Disc and hydraulic disc brakes are ideal for faster scooters because they have better stopping power.

Find the right tires for your riding, and ensure that the suspension is tuned to handle your weight and terrain to allow for better control on your rides. Additionally, stable steering is key to uncompromised control, so if you feel that your scooter could use aftermarket stabilizers, do just that.

Finally, don’t ride fast at night. Drivers and other pedestrians won’t expect a 100 lb scooter riding at 60 mph in the dark, therefore, their reflexes might endanger everyone in emergency situations. And avoid fast riding in the rain, as you tend to have less traction, meaning less control.

What's your budget?

Faster scooters often have higher price tags. They have more powerful motors and controllers, bigger brand-name batteries with high-tech battery management systems, branded brakes, large suspension, and parts like steering dampers and air scoops, that you may not find on commuters--parts that add quite a significant margin to production costs. That said, a custom scooter like the Rion Thrust with a full carbon fiber body, a higher power provision, and industry-leading branded parts, will cost significantly more than an equally performing, off-the-shelf Kaabo Wolf King GT.

How will you use the scooter?

Are you buying a fast e-scooter because you want to get into pro racing? Or are you an off-road enthusiast who wants to take your experience to new levels? Investing in the fastest scooter might seem like a good idea, but they're not always practical.

For example, if you're a beginner or plan on riding around your city, a performance scooter might land you in trouble with the law, might require you to swap out tires, and will be tedious since you need a very steady hand to keep the scooter from racing off.

Insurance issues

Unfortunately, most mainstream insurance providers don't cover e-scooters, so if you're in an accident, you might need to cover the costs yourself. There is the option to get private insurance, which will offer more protection, but providers tend to have limits in place.

Additionally, owning a scooter with top speeds exceeding 20 mph might mean your premiums are higher, if they cover you at all given the inherent risks. Therefore, choosing a commuter scooter is best if you plan on riding in urban environments and gives you better chances of comprehensive insurance coverage.

Range issues

Unagi App

Speed and range are the deciding factors in any scooter purchasing decision. Range refers to how far the scooter will travel before requiring a recharge, while the top speed is how fast the scooter can ride.

When purchasing a scooter, you mostly find that the advertised range is only achievable on the slowest riding modes. Performance scooters claim higher range potentials due to their more powerful, more efficient batteries. However, ridden in top performance mode, these scooters could have the range of a commuter scooter costing a fraction of the price.

Therefore, if you’re after range, consider a commuter scooter with a bigger battery, as it will serve the purpose–and probably guarantee a longer range and more comfortable commuting experience compared to downgrading a performance scooter for the role.


Commuting requires convenience, and fast scooters don’t offer a lot of that once they stop moving. Sure, some have folding mechanisms, but considering that the lightest scooter on this list weighs 68 lbs, they're not exactly easy to transport or store.

Commuter scooters are designed to be highly portable and lightweight. For example, the Unagi Model One Voyager weighing just 29.6 lbs is the perfect example of a powerful commuter scooter that will get the job done and still offer you convenience.

The Unagi Voyager scooter has a one-click folding mechanism and collapses into a very compact package. The average adult can easily lift it off the ground and carry it over several flights of stairs–in fact, Unagi even offers a discreet carry satchel to make it easier to move. The best part, however, is that it doesn’t compromise on performance–you’ll still get a top speed of 20 mph and a decent 25 miles of range on a single charge.

On the other hand, a scooter like the X Limited, is 183 lbs, meaning it’s challenging to lift even for an above-average gym-going adult. It is bulky and quite cumbersome, suggesting that even if you wanted to, it’s not ideal to bring to most places–let alone the fact that it needs a whole set of tools to fold. Additionally, leaving this $7000 investment outside is a recipe for a thousand panic attacks, since beyond burglary, also exists vandalism.


The fastest electric scooters mentioned on our list range between $3595 and $10,000. These big-budget models are built for all-out speed riding-but do you really need one? With their high price point and features, fast scooters are more about swag and craft than practicality.

If you're commuting or riding in an urban environment, there's no need to spend a fortune on a scooter. Commuter scooters like the Unagi Model One Classic and Voyager will get you to your destination in style, without completely destroying your finances.

You can take advantage of the innovative Unagi All-Access Subscription plan, which gives you a brand-new scooter and free servicing from just $39 per month.

Legal implications

Since private scooters became available in the USA, states, and cities across the country have developed legislation to ensure a safe experience for everyone. Riding on private land or off-road differs significantly from being around cars, bikes, and pedestrians, as there are more safety risks.

The 2024 US Scooter Laws highlights how different states regulate this form of micro-mobility, with various speed limits in place.

For example, states including California, NYC, Hawaii, and Washington have a maximum limit of 15 mph on public roads, while Missouri and Florida have 30 mph limits.

Some states also regulate the type of scooter you can use, so using a scooter with a peak power output exceeding the restrictions can have legal implications.

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The bottom line


E-scooters will continue to grow in popularity, and we can expect to see different models becoming available soon. With so many scooter types available, it's essential to consider where you plan to ride and how comfortable you feel with different speeds.

Commuter scooters are all about convenience, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on performance. The Unagi Model One Voyager has our longest range yet and a charge time of just two hours, giving you premium features without a matching price tag.

Still feel the need for all-out speed? Invest in a performance scooter for those off-road rides, and get an Unagi subscription for city cruising. Now you can have the best of both worlds.


What's the fastest electric scooter available right now?

The Slack Core 920R is currently the fastest electric scooter in 2024 that you can purchase without the need for pre-order. That said, we have custom scooters like the Rion Thrust, the Hunter Quad, or the Weped Sonic Max that are not as common but are all said to go above 70 mph.

Are the fastest electric scooters with a thumb throttle best?

No, throttle designs are subject to the manufacturer's specifications, and they can vary significantly from one brand to another. However, the choice of throttle, be it a twist grip, thumb, trigger, or even a wheel throttle like the one found on the Rion Thrust; often comes down to personal preference and riding style. Some riders may favor the intuitive control of a twist grip, while others might find a thumb or trigger throttle more comfortable or responsive.

Which brakes are best for faster e-scooters?

Dual hydraulic disc brakes offer the best stopping power and give riders better control over stopping. Commuter scooters move at slower speeds, so they might prioritize the longevity of the brakes, for instance, and go with drum brakes. Additionally, you'll find many entry-level scooters equipped with electronic and friction braking, which works for their low top speeds.

Why choose Unagi over other scooters?


The Unagi Model One Classic is ideal for city riding and students because it offers 12 miles of range and a 20 mph maximum speed. The Voyager is the ultimate commuter scooter, combining a powerful motor, 25 miles of battery life, and speedy charging.

Unagi scooters are designed to be convenient, portable, and ultra-stylish, giving you everything you need to enjoy your ride. Unagi is also the pioneer of the subscription model and ensures you can access a premium scooter without breaking the bank.

Should I wear safety gear when commuting?

Yes, adhering to the principle of ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time) is crucial when commuting on an electric scooter. The rationale is straightforward: accidents can occur at any time, and not all of them are due to your own actions. Other road users may contribute to those unexpected situations, making it essential to always be prepared. At the very least, a certified helmet is a must-have. Research highlights that the head is particularly vulnerable in e-scooter-related accidents, with 40.6% of injured patients suffering head injuries. Beyond a helmet, it's advisable to invest in additional protective gear, such as elbow and knee pads, protective vests, and jackets, to further mitigate the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley

Daniel tests all the latest e-scooters and currently enjoys the Unagi Voyager as a daily driver for it's light weight, good range, and stylish look.

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