Best E-Scooter Affiliate Program 2024

Daniel Foley
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Updated on: 3/13/2024
Published on: 2/13/2024

Electric scooters almost market themselves due to their inherent advantages; however, manufacturers and retailers still employ various promotional strategies to advertise their models. One increasingly popular approach is affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs have gained traction as an effective means of brand promotion, where individuals or entities promoting products through referral links and codes stand to earn commissions upon successful sales.

In this article, we delve into the profound impact of affiliate marketing within the electric scooter industry, highlight some of the top affiliate programs available for scooters, and provide insights on identifying and engaging with promising partnership opportunities.

Importance of affiliate programs in promoting e-scooter brands

Affiliate programs offer numerous advantages for promoting scooter brands and expanding their market presence, benefiting both the brands and their paid partners. Here are some key advantages to consider:

Enhanced brand visibility

Leveraging the extensive networks of influencers, content creators, and scooter enthusiasts, affiliate programs extend a brand’s reach to a wider audience. Unlike traditional marketing approaches, these programs tap into existing communities and followers of influencers, ensuring targeted messaging reaches an audience already interested in electric scooters.

Increased sales

Increased sales

With commission incentives driving affiliate partners, there's a strong motivation to convert followers into customers. This leads to active promotion of electric scooters and the implementation of effective marketing strategies to persuade the audience to make a purchase.

Cost-effective marketing

Brands and retailers can avoid significant expenditures on ads or campaigns with unreliable conversion rates. Instead, they pay for results, meaning they only incur costs upon successful conversions, making it a more efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy.

Revenue source

Revenue source

For content creators, affiliate programs offer a viable income stream. With expertise in the product and a substantial following, partners can drive sales by creating compelling content that resonates with the audience and encourages them to purchase. Popular methods employed by scooter affiliate partners include reviews, tutorials and how-to guides, sponsored posts, product photos and videos, highlighting sales and promotional campaigns, and sharing personal experiences with the scooters.

Consumer insights

By tracking sales generated by affiliates, brands can gather valuable information on the most effective marketing strategies. This data informs future marketing investments and advertising decisions, allowing brands to provide better support and resources for their affiliate partners.

What to consider when choosing an e-scooter affiliate program

E-scooter affiliate programs vary significantly in structure, each presenting distinct features and considerations. Here's what you need to assess before committing as a brand affiliate:

Commission structure

For partners, this is probably the most important aspect, as you're here to get paid. Different companies, however, pay out their commissions differently. We'll get into the details of some of the best scooter affiliate programs later; however, here's what to typically expect:

Percentage-based commissions

Percentage-based commissions

Affiliate programs with percentage-based commissions offer a predetermined earnings rate. When a successful conversion occurs, the partner earns a percentage of the total cost of the scooter. Hence, a higher percentage on a more valuable model results in greater earnings. This commission structure is widely favored and utilized by brands like Segway, Hiboy, Turboant, and retailers such as Voro Motors.

Fixed-rate commissions

In this setup, partners receive a fixed standard amount regardless of the scooter model. Upon a successful conversion, the predetermined amount is deposited into the partner's account. Brands employing this method include Unagi and Drxft.

In-store credits

Some companies opt not to pay out in cash but instead offer in-store credits. These credits may be in the form of loyalty points, redeemable for products or services based on their value. Retailers like Fluid Freeride implement this system. Alternatively, partners may receive a voucher for a product or service, as seen with NAMI scooters.

Incentives and bonuses

Certain brands provide additional incentives beyond the set commission, such as tiered commission structures or bonuses for surpassing sales targets. These incentives are designed to motivate partners to drive even more sales.

Cookie duration

This refers to the length of time that a cookie, which tracks a customer's referral from the partner's website, remains active. In essence, you want a longer cookie duration as it increases the chances of earning a commission on future purchases made by the same customer, since customers don't necessarily purchase on first interaction with a product. Programs like Swifty Scooters have shorter 14-day cookie durations compared to others like MegaWheels, which don't impose such limits.

Minimum withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal

When evaluating scooter affiliate programs, review their policies regarding minimum withdrawal amounts. Some programs mandate reaching a certain sales threshold or earnings milestone before funds can be withdrawn. However, better programs like Unagi, offer the flexibility to withdraw earnings without having to meet minimum redemption requirements.

Product quality and reputation

Given the wide range of scooters available, consumers have become increasingly vigilant when choosing the perfect scooters for their needs.
As an affiliate marketer, it is advisable to prioritize reputable brands over generic or poorly rated scooters for several reasons. Firstly, reputable brands typically charge higher prices, resulting in greater earning potential for affiliates. Secondly, affiliating with reputable brands enhances customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood of receiving recommendations from satisfied buyers.

Moreover, aligning with poor-quality products risks tarnishing one's reputation and undermining the credibility of their recommendations. Additionally, brands associated with inferior products may demonstrate unreliability in fulfilling payment obligations. Therefore, diligence is non-negotiable when deciding to sign the dotted line on your affiliate application.

Product exclusivity

Opting for an affiliate program with restricted access can potentially lead to higher conversion rates for partners. When program participation is unlimited, it narrows the customer pool, decreasing the likelihood of conversions. Programs like VORO Motors' affiliate program impose stringent joining requirements, resulting in a limited number of partners and fostering increased conversions. Another advantage of product exclusivity is that partners have the opportunity to negotiate their rates or obtain additional promotional codes or freebies to entice potential customers further.

Registration terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of registration should be transparent and favorable not only to the brand but also to the partner. It's crucial to carefully review the fine print to understand any conditions that may hinder your efforts. This includes understanding the eligibility criteria for commissions, payment terms, frequency of payouts, liability in the event of damages or reimbursements, and permissible marketing methods. Additionally, having a basic understanding of the company's culture is important to avoid potential legal or social repercussions in case the company fails to comply with laws and regulations, or becomes involved in a scandal.

Regional restrictions

Regional Restrictions

While your preferred brand may not have a local presence in your area, it doesn't mean you can't promote their product. For example, Swifty Scooters, based in the UK, offers free worldwide shipping for orders exceeding £200, making their partner program lucrative to individuals globally.

That said, we acknowledge that enforcing a cross-regional program may not be feasible for every brand. As best practice, prioritize tailoring content for your geographical region, given that consumers often trust individuals they feel connected to on a local level. Then, once you’ve exhausted these opportunities, you can expand into brands without a local presence.

Direct company affiliates vs. third-party affiliates

Scooter companies typically operate their own affiliate networks, but there are also third-party affiliates that collaborate with influencers and content creators on behalf of the scooter company. For instance, registering with Flex Offers, a third-party company that partners with a variety of products, allows you to become a Razor Scooter affiliate.

Note that working with third-party merchants may lack the same level of brand alignment or control as direct company affiliates. Therefore, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons of each option, considering factors such as commission rates, support, and flexibility.

Marketing Support

While some companies take a more hands-on approach, others allow affiliates to exercise creative control. However, assisting affiliates with marketing is more profitable for both brand and affiliate success. Brands should offer various forms of support, including providing the scooters, merchandise, scooter images, banners, and any other marketing assets requested by partners. Sharing insights into effective campaign strategies that drive sales is also beneficial, along with providing training on essential aspects of the scooters. Additionally, affiliates should have access to product experts and technical support.
How to join a scooter affiliate program
Joining an electric scooter affiliate program presents an opportunity to generate passive income while advocating for sustainable transportation alternatives. But how exactly do you enroll in an e-scooter affiliate program

Here are some useful suggestions:


Begin by researching various scooter brands and locating their affiliate programs. Rider Guide has a scooter database that serves as a valuable resource for identifying reputable brands. Alternatively, conduct a Google search using different keyword variations associated with affiliate programs. Examples include:

  • "Join our affiliate program"
  • "Become an affiliate"
  • "Become a paid partner"
  • "Register as an ambassador"
  • "Register as an affiliate partner"
  • "Partnership program"
  • "Referral network"
  • "Coupons partner"
  • "Referral bonus"
  • "Refer a client"

Combine any of these keywords with "electric scooter" to directly access relevant affiliate programs. For instance, search terms like "Electric scooters referral network" or "Affiliate program electric scooter" can lead you to suitable options.

Check out the company's affiliate page

Once you've identified a scooter brand you're interested in partnering with, navigate to their affiliate or partners page to review the terms and conditions. Some companies, like Gotrax and Varla, may request your contact information for a callback, while others provide straightforward terms and a signup form on the page.


If you're content with the commission structure, payment terms, cookie duration, and other program requirements or limitations, proceed to complete the signup form with your details and submit it.

Await approval

Typically, the brand will take a few days to review your application. During this time, it's best to be patient and start planning your strategy to capitalize on the opportunity if your application is approved.

Best e-scooter affiliate programs for 2024

Let's delve into the best e-scooter affiliate programs available for 2024. These rankings are determined by factors such as commission structures, payout terms, cookie durations, scooter quality, enrollment simplicity, and income potential. Here are the top affiliate programs for 2024:


Unagi Electric Scooter

We’ll jump right into the top scooter affiliate program, which is, of course, Unagi.

Unagi's referral program stands out as the most advantageous option for those seeking to generate income through a scooter affiliate program. The primary reason is that Unagi offers its scooters through a subscription model, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

With the subscription model, individuals can own the scooter for just $39 a month for the Unagi Classic and $59 a month for the Unagi Voyager. Consequently, as an affiliate, it's even easier to persuade individuals who may not have considered purchasing a scooter to give the Unagi subscription a try, given its affordability.

Additional reasons why Unagi's affiliate program ranks among the best include:

  • A generous commission rate of $100 per conversion, which is particularly attractive considering the price point of the product.
  • The Unagi scooter is highly regarded and popular in the electric scooter market, making it a compelling offer for affiliates.
  • Unagi provides excellent customer service, instilling confidence in both partners and subscribers.
  • Expedited payout process - actions are locked 27 days after the end of the month they are tracked, and approved transactions are paid out 20 days after the end of the month they lock.
  • A 30-day cookie duration.
  • Straightforward registration process and terms.
  • Affiliate partners receive early exclusive access to promotions.

VORO Motors

VORO Motors

VORO Motors stands out as a retail powerhouse in the scooter industry, boasting renowned brands such as Kaabo and Dualtron, along with their in-house brand EMOVE. Recently, they've also expanded their offerings by adding the Inmotion RS to their catalog.

Members of VORO's affiliate program earn a generous 5% commission for successful referrals of new electric scooters. They have a product range spanning from mid-budget to luxury models, meaning that a successful sale of one of their scooters yields a substantial commission. For perspective, the Inmotion RS is priced at $3999, the Wolf King GTR at $3995, the EMOVE Cruiser S at $1399, and their top-tier model, the Dualtron X Limited, is priced at $6995.

However, it's important for potential partners to note that there's a minimum redeemable amount of $100. Additionally, VORO outlines several restrictions in their terms and conditions, so partners must be vigilant to avoid contract violations.

Other reasons why VORO's affiliate program stands out include:

  • Extensive scooter inventory catering to various preferences and rider expertise levels.
  • Reputation for exceptional customer service, delivery, and repair efficiency.
  • Exclusive nature of VORO's affiliate program, enhancing the potential to target specific customers.
  • Payments are processed on the 15th of each month and can be received via PayPal for payouts under $500, and bank transfers for larger amounts.

Apollo scooters

Apollo Scooters

Apollo's presence is strong across numerous "best electric scooters" lists. For affiliates, this is important for two reasons: one, you want to invest in a brand with good community standing, and two, good rankings indicate that people actually purchase the product.

Additionally, Apollo offers scooters tailored to a wide range of riding skills, technical and aesthetic preferences, and budgets. Their lineup spans from the cost-friendly Apollo Air, priced at $699, to the mid-tier Apollo Ghost 2022 at $1799, all the way to the luxurious Apollo Pro 2023, which is priced at $3999.

As an Apollo Partner, you will make 6% commission on all confirmed sales.

  • Other factors distinguishing Apollo's affiliate program include:
  • Monthly payouts processed at the close of each month.
  • A generous 30-day cookie period.
  • They currently have one of the most extensive catalogs among reputable scooter manufacturers.
  • Availability of upgrade kits, allowing customers to start with more affordable base models and customize them over time.



Hiboy specializes in producing scooters tailored for novice riders, but their offerings extend beyond scooters to include e-bikes as well. Notably, the Hiboy S2 line is particularly favored by budget-conscious riders seeking a blend of speed and power.

With an average scooter sale price of approximately $500, Hiboy's generous 8% commission presents an enticing opportunity for affiliates.

Additional highlights of Hiboy's affiliate program include:

  • Reputation for crafting high-quality, budget-friendly scooters.
  • Regular provision of updated in-store and promotional banners for affiliate partners.
  • Access to exclusive coupons designed to attract potential customers.
  • Dedicated support from the affiliate team.



Segway boasts a diverse portfolio spanning personal electric vehicles (PEVs), all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), robotics, portable power stations, and more. With distribution centers established worldwide, Segway enjoys a global reputation, making it a readily marketable brand. Additionally, Segway's affiliate program offers an attractive 6% commission rate and a notably extended 60-day tracking code duration.

Swifty Scooters

Swifty Scooters, headquartered in the UK, specializes in electric scooters with large wheels. Additionally, they offer a range of riding gear and fitness equipment.

Swifty Scooters

Despite their UK base, Swifty Scooters caters to a global market by providing worldwide shipping services. Moreover, they incentivize international customers with free shipping for qualifying purchase amounts as outlined on their website.

The Swifty Scooters affiliate program offers one of the most generous commission structures, with partners earning a substantial 10% commission on each sale. However, it's also worth noting that their cookie tracking period is relatively shorter than average, lasting only 14 days.

Here are some additional reasons why Swifty Scooters affiliate program stands out:

  • They do not impose a minimum payout threshold.
  • Payments are disbursed within 30 days following the completion of an order.


MegaWheels is a scooter manufacturer with two distinct brands in its portfolio: Megawheels and Leqismart. The company is renowned for its affordable scooters, which typically retail for around $300 and are particularly popular among short-distance commuters and college students due to their reasonable pricing.

Megawheels and Leqismart scooters are commonly found on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and other online marketplaces known for offering budget-friendly products. In addition, MegaWheels has established service and distribution centers across North America, the United Kingdom, over 26 European countries, and Japan, ensuring localized support for their global customers.

As a Megawheels affiliate partner, you can earn an 8% commission on any successful sale of MegaWheels scooters. What's more, they offer no cookie duration, which significantly enhances the likelihood of conversion.



While TurboAnt's product range may not be the largest, their scooters are highly favored among casual commuters. The X7 and V8 models stand out for their detachable battery feature, offering the dual benefit of extending the scooter's range and providing added security.

Priced between $400 and $800, TurboAnt scooters present an appealing option for consumers, and as a TurboAnt affiliate partner, you can earn an 8% commission on sales generated.

Here are some additional reasons why TurboAnt's affiliate program stands out:

  • The cookie duration lasts for 30 days, providing a reasonable window for potential conversions.
  • Partners have the flexibility to choose their preferred payment date and method after the successful verification of a purchase.

How to maximize your earnings with a scooter affiliate program

Here are some strategies to optimize your earnings through e-scooter affiliate marketing:

  • Begin by carefully selecting the most suitable affiliate programs, considering factors like commission structures, payout terms, and product appeal.
  • Choose higher-value scooters to increase the likelihood of earning larger commission payouts.
  • Create compelling and informative content tailored to your target audience. Short-form videos resonate well with younger demographics, while longer-form content may be more effective for promoting premium scooters.
  • Harness the reach of social media platforms to share your content and reach a broader audience.
  • Encourage purchases by offering incentives like discounts, special offers, or exclusive deals, to drive conversions.
  • Utilize advanced marketing tactics such as building an email list, optimizing content for search engines, and sending newsletters to expand your reach.
  • Stay abreast of industry trends and consumer preferences to ensure your marketing strategies remain relevant and engaging.
  • Engage with your audience through interactive content, contests, and giveaways to cultivate a loyal following and encourage referrals.
  • Monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns, analyzing metrics such as clicks, conversions, and earnings to refine and improve your strategies.
  • Prioritize delivering value to your audience through valuable insights, honest recommendations, and personalized content to build trust and credibility.


Electric scooter affiliate marketing has emerged as a powerful tactic for promoting scooter brands, providing advantages like heightened visibility, boosted sales, and efficient marketing. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve highlighted the importance of affiliate programs in promoting e-scooter brands, discussed factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program, and pointed out 8 of the best e-scooter affiliate programs for 2024.
With the right strategies and partnerships, affiliate marketing presents lucrative opportunities for individuals seeking to capitalize on the booming e-scooter market—and everyone should have a piece of this pie.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley

Daniel tests all the latest e-scooters and currently enjoys the Unagi Voyager as a daily driver for it's light weight, good range, and stylish look.

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