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Daniel Foley
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Updated on: 4/23/2024
Published on: 3/28/2024

TurboAnt X7 MAX is often quoted as a go-to budget scooter, packing a next level performance and a smooth ride, too. Thanks to its swappable battery for doubling range, wider tires and deck, and hill climbing ability, its specs square up to some of the best electric scooters built for urban commuting, but at a much reduced cost.

In this article ... we'll check out two tasty alternatives in the affordable e scooter range - the less well-known Xiaomi 1S (upgraded from the epic, award-winning M365), and the style scooter boss No.1, Unagi Voyager.

Lets kick off with the Turboant...

TurboAnt X7 MAX

Source: Turboant Instagram


The TurboAnt X7 MAX could likely be your first scooter. Upgraded from the Turboant X7 Pro in late 2022, new riders, casual riders - and even experienced riders - can all get on-board with its speedy motor power and range. And at an affordable, good value price - currently under 500 bucks.

Speed and Acceleration

TurboaAnt X7 Max comes loaded with a:

  • 350 watt front-wheel hub motor.
TurboAnt X7 MAX

Source: TurboAnt

Which gives you a satisfying maximum speed of:

  • 32 km/h (20 mph) - same as X7 Pro - and able to hit 8 km/ h (5 mph) in around 7 seconds.

X7 MAX also has an increased range on a single battery charge of:

  • 52 km (32 miles) - up from the X7 Pro (48 km | 30 miles)

Basically, you gain extra range on long commutes, but at the same speed.

Speed Level

Short press the function button twice to adjust the speed level.

Low Level: "S" Icon in White

Medium Level: "S" Icon in Orange

Sport Level: "S" Icon in Red

Source: TurboAnt User Manual

Speed modes

As with most electric scooters, TurboAnt lets you take control of capping your speed to suit riding conditions. Whether on your daily commute or going for fun time thrills.

The X7 Max offers 3 riding mode options:

  • Mode 1- Low: 9.6 km/h (6mph). aka ECO mode, select to achieve maximum range possible, because your battery charge is being saved.
  • Mode 2- Medium: 14.5 km/h (9mph). It's the average speed mode on most commuting scooters. It's within most state speed limits for everyday urban commutes and local neighborhood journeys.
  • Mode 3 - Sport: 32 km/h (20mph). When you're up for uncapped, speed-thrill scootering.

Cruise control

The best electric scooter is one that also doesn't need your thumb permanently on the throttle. When your speed passes 6 km/h (3.7 mph), you simply press throttle for 6 seconds. Press again or use the brake lever to exit.

TurboAnt claims X7 Max

Source: TurboAnt

Hill climbs

TurboAnt claims X7 Max can achieve a fairly steep incline of 15 per cent. Much will depend on rider weight, battery charge and ground surface.

Generally, X7 Max can make a 10 per cent gradient - considered the urban minimum - in around 24 seconds, averaging 9.1 km/h (5.7 mph).



The X7 Max packs a:

  • 36V 10Ah | 360Wh lithium-ion battery
TurboAnt X7 MAX Battery

Source: TurboAnt


Battery capacity on a 6 hour single charge is:

  • 52km (32 miles) upgraded range - using ECO mode at 9.6 km/h (6mph).
  • 29km (18 miles) average range.
Battery Change

Source: TurboAnt

Removable battery

It's the reason why the X7 MAX has a super slimline deck. Because a removable battery is installed in the stem instead of underneath the deck. The upgrade from the X7 Pro also includes a stem battery lock.

A removable battery means ...

  • You can double up on your range.

By simply carrying a second, fully-charged swappable battery you can gain twice the amount of mileage. Ideal for those longer commutes and weekend, fun trips out of town.

TurboAnt X7 MaxTires

Source: TurboAnt


A budget scooter and a comfortable ride - they don't always go together! Ride comfort on an urban commute is often down to the type and size of tire, whether air filled or solid tires.

The X7 Max is pumped up on:

  • 10in pneumatic tires (air-filled tires).

Giving you those extra inches to soak up uneven sidewalks, cracked tarmac, and other bumpy terrain, without the help of added suspension.

Tire pressure

Needing to replace a flat tire while out riding can be a hassle. That's why it's important to frequently check your tire pressure, and keep it at 31.9-34.8 psi (220-240 kPa).

TurboAnt X7 MAX Brakes

Source: TurboAnt


As with many other electric scooters, TurboAnt X7 MAX has a dual braking system, comprising:

  • Front wheel - electronic brake
  • Rear wheel - mechanical disc brake

Both electronic brake and disc brake are controlled by a large hand lever. When firmly squeezed, it can bring you to a full stop in just under 24 kms (15 feet) while riding at an average 24 km/h 15 mph.

TurboAnt X7 MAX Lights

Source: TurboAnt


Your visibility to others is as important as you being able to see the way ahead. Both rely on your scooter's built in lights, especially during early morning or night rides.

X7 Max features:

  • 3W LED headlight - high-mounted on the stem just in front of the handlebars, which throws a powerful long and wide beam.
  • Rear red tail light & reflector - doubles up as a stop warning-light when brakes are activated.

Strip reflectors are also mounted on both front and rear wheel forks.

TurboAnt X7 Max Handlebar Control

Source: TurboAnt

Handlebar Control

Cockpit control on the X7 Max is simple and easy, with which to interact, steer and navigate.

Almost the entire length of its compact 42 cm (16.5 in) handlebars is covered in a firm, high-grip, pattern rubber.

Left handlebar - long firm brake lever for applying both front and rear brakes, plus bell alongside.

Right handlebar - large thumb throttle plus power buttons in solid, bright orange.

At handlebar centre sits a solid functional LED display providing clear readouts, including:

  • Current speed
  • Speed Mode ( Ride Mode)
  • Cruise mode
  • Battery status
TurboAnt X7 Max Build Quality and Load Capacity

Source: TurboAnt

Build Quality and Load Capacity


Turboant X7 Max is made with a high strength, lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy.

The frame is also designed to withstand a maximum weight capacity of 125kgs (275lbs). Ideal for heavier riders who often cannot find a scooter with a carry capacity of beyond 100kgs (220 lbs).

Turboant X7 Max Deck

Source: Turboant


The X7 Max deck measures:

  • 49cm (19in) long with an upgraded maximum width of 17cm (6.7 in) compared to 14.5 cm (5.7 in) on the X7 Pro.

Which means greater leg room for the longer ride X7 Max offers. This is because the swappable battery is not stowed underneath the deck.

Which gives you an extra ground clearance of 13.4cms (5.3 in) compared to the average 7.6 cm (3in) on some other budget scooters. So no more deck scrapes when crossing curbs, flagstones or concrete steps.

TurboAnt X7 Max Portability

Source: TurboAnt


Every rider wants a hassle-free, quick fold, instantly portable scooter. The Max 7 has a fast-release folding mechanism that takes a few seconds -


  • Unfolded: 45.3 ×16.5 × 49.2 in (115 × 42.0 × 120.5 cm)


  • Folded: 45.3 × 16.5 × 20.1 in (1150 × 42.0 × 51.0 cm)

Plus, the deck latch simply slots via a stem hook into the rear fender without securing to the handlebars.

Weighing in at 15.5 kg (34.2 lb), the X7 Max is easier than most other scooters to carry, particularly up a flight of stairs.


  • Weight: 15.5 kg (34.2 lb)
  • Folded dimensions: 45.3 × 16.5 × 20.1 in (1150 × 42.0 × 51.0 cm)
  • Motor power (continuous): 350 watts
  • Top speed: 32 km (20 miles)
  • Travel Distance: 52 km (32 miles)
  • Battery capacity: 360Wh
  • Battery recharge time: 6 hours
  • Max rider weight: 12kgs (275lbs)
  • Brake type: Front wheel - Electronic | Rear wheel - mechanical disc
  • Tire type: 10in air-filled, inner tube.
  • Built-in lights: 3w LED headlight and Rear red reflector | brake alert
  • Water resistance: IPX4 ( resistant to water splashes from any direction)

In a Nutshell

Performance upgrades from X7 Pro give X7 Max the all-important extended range.

Among its unique features, a swappable battery placed in a new lockable stem gives you better security, easier carry, and added deck clearance.

Want to check out another similar spec scooter? Here's an alternative budget scooter you might not have heard of...

Xiaomi 1S

The 1S is designed by Xiaomi, the same Chinese tech brand that launched 2016's highly-regarded M365.

Xiaomi replaced the M365 in 2020 with the "Essential", and the almost identical "1S" scooter with its improved battery life. The 1S is also manufactured by Ninebot, who make the Segway Ninebot MAX.

Xiaomi Scooters

Source: Xiaomi Scooters



Xiaomi 1S is equipped (like its forerunner, M365) with:

  • 250 watt (continuous power) front wheel motor, which doubles up to:
  • 500 watt peak power

Its classic motor power at an energy-saving pace for the daily urban ride, gives you:

  • 25 km/h (15.5 mph) maximum speed - typically over flat ground, and within most legal state limits.
Xiaomi Motor

Source: Xiaomi

To save even more battery charge you also get the essential 3 max speed settings for each type of ride:

Speed modes

  • Pedestrian Mode (P) 0-5 km/h ( 0 - 3.1 mph): Cap to walking speed in crowded areas.
  • Standard Mode (D) 0-20 km/h ( 0 - 12.4 mph): Set for everyday commutes and spins around the park.
  • Sports Mode (S) 0-25km/h (0-15.5 mph): Hit for acceleration to top speed when you need to move it.


The 1S can hit 0-24.1 km/h (0-25 mph) in around 6 seconds, which can be faster than the Turboant X7 (taking around 9 seconds).

Cruise Control

Accessed and activated via the Mi Home app. Simply hold the throttle for a few seconds for cruise control to kick in. And enjoy thumb-free 'comfort mode' on your longer rides!

Hill Climbs

Xiaomi says the 1S can make 14 per cent gradients. Taken at a slower speed. Typical, 10 per cent hill climbs inclines can average more than 20 seconds in Standard D-Mode speed. Read about how to ride an electric scooter uphill?


Battery and Range

Xiaomi 1S packs a:

  • 36V 7.8Ah/275Wh 18650 cell lithium-ion battery.
Xiaomi Battery

Source: Xiaomi

On a single charge time of 5.5 hours, a range of 30km (18.6 miles) could be achieved. Factors to always consider are the speed mode selected, rider weight, and ground, and weather conditions.

A more typical range in everyday urban conditions can be nearer to 21 km (13 miles).

Battery Management System (BMS)

Source: Xiaomi

Battery Management System (BMS)

A 5th gen BMS is linked to the Mi Home app to monitor battery operating conditions. Typically protecting against:

  • Short circuits
  • Overcurrent
  • Overcharging
  • Over-discharging
  • Excess temperature
  • Under voltage autosleep
Xiaomi Tires

Source: Xiaomi


Ride quality is mostly down to a scooter's tires, and shock absorption, if fitted.

Xiaomi comes with:

  • Dual 8.5in pneumatic tires (air-filled) - an industry standard size for average, urban ground conditions.

Pneumatic tires are pretty notorious for getting flats, but this is offset by their better ground handling. Not only for a smooth ride on flat roads but also on gravel, dirt roads, and grass.

Air-filled tires flex and grip a surface to soak up the bumps which solid tires can't do.

Xiamoi Brakes

Source: Xiaomi


Xiaomi 1S comes equipped with a dual braking system:

  • Rear wheel - disc brake
  • Front wheel - E-ABS ( electronic anti-lock system) - plus regenerative braking.

At 24.1 km/h (15 mph), the 1S can come to a full stop in just under 5.2 meters (17 feet).

Regenerative braking

Xiaomi calls their regen braking a "kinetic energy recovery system (KERS)". Braking energy is used and stored in the battery for acceleration and extended range.

Potentially, the 1S can hit 15.5 mph and travel up 18.6miles on a single charge.

Xiaomi Lights

Source: Xiaomi


Not all commuter scooters come with a bright enough headlight.

The Xiaomi 1S not only has a powerful 2W ultra-bright headlight. The beam angle is set to below the line of sight to avoid headlight dazzle.

The headlight also links to the rear reflector/tail light. It automatically turns on when the headlight is switched on and will flash when the brake lever is squeezed.

For added visibility, reflector flashes are fitted to the scooter front, sides, and tail light.

Xiaomi Handlebar Control

Source: Xiaomi

Handlebar Control

At a compact 43 cm (17in), the S1 handlebar is a masterclass in cockpit simplicity.

It's wrapped in evenly-spaced, dimple-textured TPR (thermoplastic rubber) - for a firm but impact-absorbing grip - giving you instant, intuitive control:

Left handlebar

  • Hand brake - Rear disc brake and front regenerative brake.
  • Warning bell - hammer doubles up as folding mechanism catch-lock.

Right handlebar

  • Thumb throttle - ergonomic design for easy to control, balanced response, and smooth acceleration.

Centre LED dashboard

At-a-glance, real-time display includes:

  • Speed
  • Speed mode
  • Power
  • Lock status

A one-button press for multiple functions:

  • Power on/off
  • Headlights on/off
  • Speed mode toggle switching
Xiaomi Build Quality and load capacity

Source: Xiaomi

Build Quality and load capacity


Boasting an "aerospace grade" aluminum body in handsome charcoal grey, 1S offers adult riders smart-looking and sturdy, ride comfort. It also has a load capacity of 100kgs (220 lbs) for heavier riders.

Xiaomi Deck

Source: Xiaomi


A slimline deck gives you 45cm (17.7in) x 15cm (5.8in) of standing space, just an inch less than the Turboant. Plus, a standard 3.5in of ground clearance.

Xiaomi Portability

Source: Xiaomi


Weighing in at a lightweight 12.5kgs (27.5lbs), the Xiaomi 1S is an easy carry and stow. It's 3-second folding mechanism folds your scooter down:


L 108cm (42.5 in) x W 43 cm (17in) x H 114cm (45 in)


L 108cm (42.5 in) x W 43 cm (17in) x H 49cm (19in)

Xiaomi Specifications

Source: Xiaomi


  • Weight: 12.5kgs (27.5lbs)
  • Folded dimensions: L 108cm (42.5 in) x W 43 cm (17in) x H 49cm (19in)
  • Motor power (continuous): 250 watts | 500 watts (peak)
  • Top speed: 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
  • Travel Distance: 30km (18.6 miles) - ECO mode
  • Battery capacity: 275Wh
  • Battery recharge time: 5.5 hours
  • Max rider weight: 100kgs (220 lbs)
  • Brake type: Front wheel - E-ABS plus regenerative | Rear wheel - mechanical disc
  • Tire type: 8.5in air-filled
  • Built-in lights: 2w LED headlight and Rear red reflector | brake alert
  • Water resistance: IP54 ( resistant to water splashes from any direction)


Source: Xiaomi

In a Nutshell

Almost identical in spec and performance to the much praised M365, its added range makes Xiaomi 1S a serious contender in your choice of affordable budget scooter. It's smart, good looks are an urban commuting plus.

But can it beat out the smooth, sleek charms and zippy scoots of Unagi Voyager?

Let's find out...

Unagi Voyager

If you're looking for scooter style and commuting performance in one smart, affordable package...

Unagi Voyager

Unagi Voyager has to be your transportation of choice. Built for the hustle and bustle of the city. And rocking a cool, head-turning vibe...


Speed and Acceleration

Voyager is powered by:

  • 2 x 250w motors - that's 500 watts of continuous power
Unagi Voyager Dual Motors

Packing dual motors and beating out Turboant's single 350w motor, Voyager gives you:

  • Top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph).
  • Acceleration of 24 km/h (15 mph) in around 4 seconds.

And just like many of the best electric scooters out there, you get to "customize your ride for the speed you need".

Unagi Voyager Ride Modes

Ride Modes

Voyager gives you 4 speed-capped, riding modes:

  • Mode 1 - 14 km/h (9 mph): Typical ECO mode for saving battery charge on longer rides, and extending range.
  • Mode 2 - 19 km/h (12 mph): Ideal pace for the urban commute. An on-board "balanced" throttle helps you maintain a steady-pace.
  • Mode 3 - 27 km/h (15.5 mph): Max speed when you need it!
  • Mode 4 - 5-6 km/h (3-7 mph): Walking speed for crowded routes.
Unagi Voyager Hill Climbs

Hill Climbs

Voyager's dual motors can punch out 1000 watts at a max torque of 32Nm to eat up 15-degree hill climbs. Matching both Turboant X7 and Xiaomi S1 scooters.

Voyager averages typical urban gradients (10 per cent) in around 12 seconds at nearly 17.7 km/h (11 mph).

Battery Charge and Travel Distance

Unagi Voyager Battery Charger

Voyager comes equipped with:

  • 42V 360Wh / 10 Ah lithium-ion battery

A single, fast 3 hour charging time (half the time of both Turboant X7 and Xiaomi S1) can produce:

  • 19 - 40km (12 to 25 mile) range
Battery management system (BMS)

Voyager's built-in monitoring system - designed for low maintenance scootering - prevents:

  • Overheating
  • Short circuits
  • Undervoltage/Overcurrent
  • Overcharge/Discharge
  • Auto-sleep
Unagi Voyager Tires


Unagi scooters are known for their honeycomb tires - a unique hybrid of solid tires and pneumatic tires, measuring:

  • 7.5 inch (19 cm) (Diameter) x 1.6 in ( 4.0cms) (Width)
Unagi Voyager Honeycomb tires

Honeycomb tires refer to the system of air pockets around the edge of the entire wheel. This gives you:

  • Greater structural integrity - less tire distortion during tight maneuvres and better suspension than solid tires.
  • Lower rolling resistance - to moving forward.
  • Extended range - more battery charge stored.
  • Reduced risk of a flat.
  • Greater shock absorption - for a smoother ride.

Unagi Voyager Brakes


Voyager is fitted with:

  • Dual electronic brakes - on both front and rear wheels.

Plus, a rear fender brake for a firm assist to full stops. With no jarring wheel locks when braking on flat ground.

Typical on-road test results for Unagi:

  • 5.5 m (16.9 feet) - for both electronic and foot brake.
  • 7.7 m (25 feet) - electronic brakes only.
Unagi Voyager Lights


Lights are not only for night rides. They should always be turned on early morning, after dusk, in bad weather, and in reduced daylight.

Unagi has given Voyager :

  • 1.8 LED dual, flush-mounted, headlights.
  • Red LED light, low-mounted on the scooter rear fender.


  • Red "flash style" reflectors on the front and rear wheel stem

The headlight is also mounted at the highest point on the stem, in front of the handlebars, for:

  • Wider illumination of the road ahead
Unagi Voyager Handlebar

Handlebar control

Is there a more elegantly fashioned handlebar in urban scooter design? Voyager's control center is seamlessly formed from a single casting of magnesium alloy, one third lighter than aluminum.

Here you do enjoy ergonomic design - crafted to minimalist perfection! Not only looking good but feeling good to touch, too.

  • Left handlebar: Brake paddle and horn
  • Right handlebar: Throttle paddle and riding mode

Handlebar center: Flush-mounted LED display

At a glance, you can also instantly see:

  • Current speed
  • Motor status
  • Dual motor mode
  • Distance traveled - see Smart App below
  • Battery level
  • LED headlight on/off
Unagi's smart app

Smart app

Unagi's smart app (iOS and Android) enables you to:

  • Lock and unlock scooter wheels
  • Precisely calculate remaining battery life ("Distance to Empty" feature) - by rider weight and 'ride' mode.

Build quality and load capacity


Its high-spec frame is made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and magnesium alloy, which gives an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

Voyager is both exceptionally light, yet capable of a typical commuter load capacity of up to 100kgs (220 lbs). 'Invisible' frame supports reinforce typical stress points.

Unagi Voyager

Unagi continues to lead the way in smart color makeovers. Voyager has FOUR new cool hues to choose from:

  • Deep Cobalt (blue)
  • Cool Mist (green)
  • Latte (tan)
  • Matt Black
Unagi Voyager Deck


Voyager sports a slimline deck, ideal for short commutes and trips around the block:

  • 47cms (18.5 in) x 13.5cms (5.5 in), almost identical to Turboant X7 and Xiaomi S1.

The standing room is generally larger than a typical scooter deck. And subtly tapered with a tough, rubber grip embedded across its entire surface.

Ground clearance is 8.3 cm (3.3 ins) with left-hand side kickstand, neatly folding away when not in use.

Unagi Voyager Portability


Voyager weighs in at an easy, carry in your hand 13.4kgs (29.6 lbs), lighter than Turboant X7 (15.5 kg (34.2 lb).

It's also lighter than many other commuter scooters. Offering max portability for fast commutes on foot and by subway.

Unagi Voyager Portability

The Unagi scooter also has a fast-action folding mechanism.

In a one-flick thumb slide - combined with a 90 degree stem angle - Voyager instantly folds down to:

  • 91 cm (37 in) x 40 cm (16in) x 38 cm (15 in).

An easy comfortable size for carrying up stairs, escalator, and storing neatly away in your car trunk, at the office, or in your home.


  • Weight: 13.4kgs (29.6 lbs)
  • Folded dimensions: 96 cm (37.8 in) x 42 cm (16.4in) x 38 cm (15 in)
  • Motor power: 1000 W (max)| 500 W (continuous)
  • Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Travel distance: 19.3 - 40.2kms (12 to 25 miles)
  • Battery capacity: 768Wh
  • Battery recharge time: 3 hours
  • Max rider weight: 100kgs (220 lbs)
  • Brake type: Dual electronic + rear, foot brake assist.
  • Tire type: 7.5 inch solid rubber
  • On-board lights: Dual front LED and Rear light red LED
  • Water resistance: IP54 (water spray from all directions, dust and small particles)

Unagi Electric Scooter

In a nutshell

Voyager's upgraded dual 500 watt motors and 360Wh battery deliver even more urban power riding when needed.

Unagi's inbuilt, ergonomic design also gives you satisfying handlebar control. A micromobility freedom with double the range at half the energy-charging time.

Where every ride is an uber-style urban performance.

Join the Unagi community for "Effortless personal transportation". And exclusive scootering taking you to another level.

Sign up HERE for the Unagi All-Access Subscription Program.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley

Daniel tests all the latest e-scooters and currently enjoys the Unagi Voyager as a daily driver for it's light weight, good range, and stylish look.

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