How To Find The Best Places To Park Your Electric Scooter In Your City

Daniel Foley
Written By: Daniel Foley
Updated on: 4/23/2024
Published on: 10/19/2023

There's nothing like cruising around your city on an electric scooter. They're fast, convenient, portable, and enable you to weave through traffic seamlessly. While many commuter scooters are light enough to carry around, there will be times when you need to park yours somewhere.

Failing to choose suitable parking spots can put your scooter at risk of theft and cause issues for pedestrians and other road users.

In this guide, we'll discuss how to find the best places to park your electric scooter so you can hop off - and back on again - whenever you want.

The e-scooter parking problem


Private electric scooters are allowed on public roads in most US states, but despite their many benefits, there is one major problem: the parking issue.

And it's not just in the US, countries worldwide are dealing with e-scooters cluttering up the sidewalk. But what's causing this problem?

Scooter sharing programs

In theory, shared scooters were a great idea. In reality, they're a massive contributor to clutter and can cause obstructions.

A study published by Active Travel Studies highlighted that many negative perceptions of e-scooters come from parking issues.

As people can rent an e-scooter and then hop off when their ride's finished, they're less likely to find a suitable parking spot. However, the study also revealed that the public overestimates the severity of electric scooter parking issues and underestimates the clutter caused by bikes.

Lack of designated scooter parking areas

Improper scooter parking isn't just about human error or apathy; it can also result from a poor response from cities that embrace them. Many local authorities are dealing with a growth in people using e-scooters but limited parking spaces to accommodate them.

The lack of infrastructure and limited designated parking spots means many riders have to leave rental scooters in the street, causing severe obstructions for other road users.

Why is it important to find suitable parking spots for electric scooters?

Failing to act responsibly and find a suitable parking spot can lead to repercussions for you - and other scooter riders. Recently, France voted to ban shared scooters after an overwhelming vote and complaints from residents. So, to stop that happening here, it's essential we park electric scooters properly and demonstrate a commitment to safety.

Avoid annoying pedestrians

Leaving an e-scooter on the sidewalk can cause obstructions for pedestrians, meaning they have to walk around them or move into the road. If someone doesn't immediately notice the scooter, it can cause a serious accident, resulting in broken bones and other injuries.

Disrupting private property

Many riders struggle to tell the difference between public spaces and private property. However, parking outside commercial premises can disrupt operations, which might cause issues. Also, homeowners will complain if your scooter blocks their driveway.

Blocking essential operations

In some cases, parking your scooter in the wrong place is more than just an annoyance. Using bus stops can disrupt bus routes, leading to more traffic on the roads. Also, emergency exits should be kept clear at all times, and the scooter could prevent people from leaving an area when they need to most.

Finding the best places to park your electric scooter


Parking your electric scooter safely and responsibly doesn't need to be a major headache, especially if you know what you're doing. We've put these tips together to ensure you can enjoy everything scooters offer without sweating the small stuff.

Know your city's regulations

This is a no-brainer because your city will have information on where you can and can't park your scooter. Just head to your authority's website and search for relevant parking laws. For example, Los Angeles has an extensive guide on parking for e-bike and scooter users.

In most cities, scooters fall under the same classification as bicycles, so even if there isn't clear legislation for riders, the parking rules for bikes should also apply to your scooter.

Use an app

Shared e-scooters are available through apps, allowing riders to locate the nearest scooter and plan their ride. However, they're also beneficial for finding public electric scooter parking racks and zones, ensuring you can park responsibly after your ride.

Some mainstream parking apps might help you find suitable spaces, but it's also a good idea to speak to other riders, who can advise you where to park in your city.

Find designated parking spots

Cities usually have designated spots for people to park scooters and bikes, making finding a suitable space easier. Some will mark parking spots, while others might have dedicated docking stations.

Many people use a bike rack to park their electric scooter, which is usually fine. However, it's best to check local regulations and evaluate whether using bike racks is allowed.

Use common sense


Common sense goes a long way in making parking decisions. If the rules in your city aren't clear, consider whether the scooter will cause any problems. For example, leaving it outside a building entrance will cause obstructions and scooters on sidewalks block pedestrians.

It's also essential to consider safety concerns and park the scooter in a well-lit area at night. It should also be on a flat and stable surface to avoid accidents.

Join an online community

Scooter enthusiasts are passionate about their preferred mode of transportation, and you'll find plenty of people willing to offer advice. There are plenty of forums to choose between, many of which have experts who can help you navigate parking complexities.

Ditch shared scooters

One way to avoid improper parking is to invest in your very own private scooter. These scooters are more flexible because they belong to you. While you have to leave shared scooters after you finish your ride, there's more control with a private e-scooter.

Yes, scooters are an investment—but you can get a premium commuter scooter with the Unagi All-Access Subscription, which lets you enjoy a range of features, including insurance and services, for a low monthly fee.

Invest in a lock

Some people might prefer leaving their scooters in busy places because there's less theft risk. However, you can find suitable parking and secure your scooter with locks. While U-locks are ideal if you're leaving your scooter for a long time, cinch locks are convenient and highly portable.

Whether you're having a quick lunch or doing some grocery shopping, a cinch lock gives you peace of mind and keeps your scooter safe.

Take your scooter with you

Rental scooters are pretty sturdy and designed to accommodate different riders throughout the day. However, commuter scooters are much lighter and often have folding designs, making them easier to transport.

The Unagi Model One Voyager has a convenient one-click folding design and weighs just 29.6 lbs, which makes it easy to store at the office or home. Investing in the Unagi Carry Satchel with its comfortable waxed cotton canvas means you can take your scooter everywhere.


The bottom line

Electric scooters are changing people's commute, and more cities recognize their benefits. Reduced carbon emissions and road congestion are essential factors in the fight to save our planet, with e-scooters serving as the answer to numerous issues.

Yes, the scooter parking situation can cause problems—but the micromobility revolution means local authorities will have to make positive changes and accommodate riders.

As more designated parking zones become available, e-scooters will continue to deliver on sustainability, affordability, and convenience.

If you'd like to discover a new way of travel, please feel free to inquire about the Unagi All-Access subscription.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley

Daniel tests all the latest e-scooters and currently enjoys the Unagi Voyager as a daily driver for it's light weight, good range, and stylish look.

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