The Best VSETT 10+ Alternatives

Daniel Foley
Written By: Daniel Foley
Updated on: 3/13/2024
Published on: 3/10/2023

A Legend in its Class: The VSETT 10+

For a very young industry, the electric scooter world has already produced legendary vehicles in every category: from lightweight, portable commuter champs to massive beasts that weigh almost as much as their riders.

In the middle of this field are scooters too heavy to carry on the subway but still light enough to fit in most cars (with some seat folding and rearranging).

In the midst of the competition, there’s maybe one name that pops up more than any other: VSETT, and especially the VSETT 10+, one of the most popular scooters on the market.

Recognizable for features like its folding hex stem riser and distinctive NFC key lock immobilizer, the 10+ is a modern scooter classic.

The VSETT 10+ has become legendary as a high performance, light-heavyweight electric scooter that exceeds expectations in every category and doesn’t cost a life savings.

Is all the hype around the 10+ deserved? Is it really the perfect balance of speed, ride quality, price, braking performance, and more?

Are there other scooters out there that perform as well, or better, and maybe for less?

We'll answer these questions below, but first we’ll look at why people love the VSETT 10+ before surveying some of best alternatives for the money.


Pros: What’s So Great about the VSETT 10+?

Speed, Speed, and… More Speed

It’s true, the VSETT 10+ has a lot to offer, with 1400 watt dual motors that can take riders up to claimed speeds of over 50mph.

Electric scooter top speeds are always subject to factors like rider weight, terrain, and weather, but even if you don’t get over 50mph, speeds of over 40 can feel insanely fast on an electric scooter and only racers and the most experienced riders will sustain these max speeds for very long.

In any case, you’ll want to ride more conservatively to conserve battery life most of the time, though you won’t find yourself getting much range anxiety with the VSETT 10+.

Range for Days?

The VSETT 10+ features an impressive range, even if real world riding doesn’t come close to the claimed range of 74 mi. (Maybe this is only achievable with the lightest-weight riders on the lowest, slowest riding mode and acceleration settings).

Still, even 30-40 miles on average per charge should be plenty for longer commutes in place of driving. If you only ride a few miles a day, you’ll probably end up charging the scooter once a week or less.

Suspension, Power & Beauty: What’s Not to Love?

The 10+ has several other features that make it as comfortable for a long commute as it is on a high speed joyride. It's got some of the best ride quality in its class, with a front spring and rear hydraulic adjustable suspension that can meet nearly any conditions, on or off road.

The VSETT is just an incredibly comfortable scooter, no matter the conditions, and its powerful motors decimate hills with the confidence of an even bigger vehicle (though it's plenty heavy at 79 pounds).

The VSETT 10+ earns its yellow and black, Transformers-like styling with some incredible performance with the throttle pressed.


Cons: What's Not to Love


If there are downsides to the 10+, one of them is cost. At $2,495, it’s one of the more expensive electric scooters on the market – even though you do get a lot of value for the price.

It may not break the bank for many serious scooter enthusiasts, but the price of the 10+ could be prohibitive for relative newcomers who want to experience the thrills of high performance scooters.



Another pretty serious issue with the VSETT 10+ is the lighting package, which is buried in the deck, instead of using a high-mounted headlight that drivers are far more likely to see on the road.

The scooter does have the brightest integrated fender headlight on the market, but if you plan to do any riding in low light conditions, you’ll probably want to add a bright aftermarket headlight to the VSETT's handlebars as well.



Not everyone's a fan of the VSETT 10+'s QS-S4 display and finger throttle, or of finger throttles in general.

Finger throttles are not the most ergonomic shape for long rides and can become uncomfortable to hold over time. This may not be a deal breaker, especially given the 10+'s powerful performance.

A significant number of scooter riders, however, prefer more ergonomic thumb throttles like those on the alternatives below, although the integrated turn signal switches on the VSETT's grips are a huge plus not found elsewhere.

Alternatives to the VSETT 10+

At one time the 10+ was fairly well-known as a top speed competitor in its class. But no more.

Since its introduction, some other scooters have fought for the top spot, including several scooters from Kaabo and Dualtron.

There are many features riders love about the VSETT 10+, including an NFC key card lock as an anti theft function, and buttons for its integrated turn signal lights that are embedded in the scooter's handgrips.

There's a lot to love... but mostly, when we're talking the 10+, we're talking about frighteningly fast top speeds and majorly quick acceleration.

Kaabo Mantis King GT


The Kaabo Mantis King GT almost seems like an answer to the VSETT 10+, with nearly all the same features.

Although it might look like a lesser scooter on paper, real-world tests show the Mantis King GT nearly meeting the VSETT 10+'s speed, or coming close.


It's got a little less range and somewhat slower acceleration but the Mantis King GT also has a higher rider weight capacity, a hydraulic dual adjustable suspension that's second to none, and a large, color TFT display that blows away the VSETT 10+ for visibility and ease of use.

The Mantis King GT’s two 1100 watt motors are no slouches, but the scooter doesn't quite top the VSETT 10+ in acceleration and top speed.

Still, the King GT is a ferocious hill climber and an incredibly fast scooter in it's own right.


The Mantis King GT also comes with a high-mounted headlight, which may be one of the brightest electric scooter lights on the market, and bright, multicolored LED lighting all around the deck.

The Mantis King GT comes in at full price at the same as the VSETT 10+, but you’ll find sales all over for $200-$300 off.

It also comes in a yellow — or gold — and black colorway, with an optional red and black.

Kaabo gives the Mantis more flexibility than the 10+: its knobby, all-terrain tires will take you off-road with ease, and BMX-style handlebars and serious stem stability provide excellent handling.

Pros vs. VSETT 10+

  • Much better display
  • More color options
  • Superior lighting
  • Higher rider weight limit

Cons vs. VSETT 10+

  • Less power
  • Slower acceleration

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT


Like Kaabo's Wolf King scooters, the Wolf Warriors -- which include the Wolf Warrior 11 and Wolf Warrior Pro -- are sometimes pigeonholed as off-road scooters. And to be fair, that's how they're often marketed.

But Kaabo's Wolf scooters of all size and variety make exceptional street rides. The Wolf Warrior X GT, an even more slimmed-down version of the 11 and the Pro, is maybe the most streetworthy among them.


The Wolf Warrior X GT may not appeal to some VSETT 10+ riders because of its stiffer ride quality. Unlike the VSETT 10+ it does not have an easily adjustable suspension.

That said, the X GT can accommodate a much higher rider weight, with a 330 lb rating.

This scooter will never bottom out, now matter how big the jump, and many riders might prefer the firm rubber suspension of Wolf Warrior.

Like all of the scooters in Kaabo's Wolf line, the X GT has a dual stem for added stability, which gives them their off-road, mountain-bike-like appearance.

The increased side-to-side vibration damping is just as useful for high speeds on the road as it is for riding a bumpy trail, and you won't find the same stable ride quality on any single stem scooter.


The X GT also shares with Kaabo's other Wolves the brightest of dual LED headlights that offer more than enough lighting for riding anywhere at any time of day, and making sure that you can see and be seen.

Like all the scooters on this list the Wolf Warrior X GT has dual hydraulic disk brakes for maximum stopping power, and its highly responsive hydraulic brakes might even outcompete the VSETT 10+'s excellent brakes.

Pros vs. VSETT 10+

  • Dual stem for better stability
  • Firmer suspension and higher rider weight capacity
  • Best-in-class headlights

Cons vs. VSETT 10+

  • Less range
  • Less power

Apollo Phantom V3 (2023)


The newest version of Canadian company Apollo's beloved Phantom electric scooter is just being released.

If and when you can get your hands on one, you might find the third version of the Phantom is an worthy high-tech alternative to the somewhat dated VSETT 10+, from a company quickly becoming well-known for serious innovation.

The V3 boasts a Ludicrous Speed Mode, a kind of always-on turbo boost, and a premium Mach 1 controller in its deck.

These are hardly the only points in its favor.

While the Phantom V3 may not have the same top speed on its spec sheet as the 10+, it could closely compete with the VSETT in real-world speed and acceleration tests, given some identical specs.

The 60V Phantom V3 (and the V2 version as well) is also a nominal 2800W dual motor scooter that can compete with other high performance scooters similar to the VSETT 10+.

But the Phantom is even more competitive when it comes to price.

The Phantom V3 will sell for $2,299 USD, a few hundred less than a VSETT 10+, and Apollo's Phantom V2 scooters are now on sale for hundreds off and can be converted to the V3 specs with an upgrade kit.

What do riders get for their money? Some of the best ride quality in this class thanks to the Phantom's quad suspension, long range, and a scooter with integrated IoT for some of the best software and firmware upgrades on the market.

Pros vs. VSETT 10+

  • Matches the VSETT’s power and voltage specs
  • Premium Mach 1 controller
  • Better display and app
  • Ludo mode
  • Quad suspension and higher rider weight limit

Cons vs. VSETT 10+

  • Too soon to say

Unagi Model One


Is the Model One a long range, high-performance racer like the VSETT 10+? No, but if you're looking for a great electric scooter for commuting, the 10+ can really feel like too much scooter for too much cost.

If you need an alternative to a large, bulky scooter that'll set you back over $2K, the Model One fits the bill beautifully, with elegant design, ultra-portability, and the only subscription service on the market.


New to electric scooters? Instead of the huge upfront costs of owning one of the scooters above, you can lease an Unagi by the month and decide how much you like (or love!). If you feel differently, just cancel and send it back.

The VSETT 10+ is an awesome scooter, don't get us wrong, and the alternatives above are just as awesome in their own way. If you need go lighter, sleeker, and more portable scooter, however, the Model One is for you.



None of these scooters have more power than the VSETT 10+'s 1400W dual motors, though the Apollo Phantom equals the 10+ in both rated motor power and voltage. All of them come close to the VSETT in terms of range, top speed, and acceleration, but don't quite beat the 10+ in the categories it's best know for.

These scooters are also more compact than the VSETT 10+ and are more likely pass the trunk test: meaning they'll fit in most car trunks (provided you empty them first) without having to fold down the backseats.

What these alternatives show is that you can buy a premium high performance scooter for under $2500 that compares to or exceeds the VSETT 10+ in several key categories.

If you want the legendary high speeds of the VSETT 10+, however, you're probably best off purchasing a VSETT 10+, or a VSETT 11+, or an even heavier, less portable, and higher priced alternative from the likes of Dualtron or NAMI.

If you want a lightweight, ultra-portable electric scooter that you can carry with you everywhere you go, then Unagi is the way to go.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley

Daniel tests all the latest e-scooters and currently enjoys the Unagi Voyager as a daily driver for it's light weight, good range, and stylish look.

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