The Role Of Smartphone Integration in Electric Scooter Features

Daniel Foley
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Updated on: 3/13/2024
Published on: 7/19/2023

As technology continues to evolve, electric scooters are following suit, and smartphone integration is a game-changer for riders.

By seamlessly connecting smartphones with electric scooters, this integration has opened up a world of possibilities, making the riding experience safer, more convenient, and highly personalized.

But just what role does smartphone integration play in electric scooters? And how you can maximize your experience and enjoy this new way of commuting? Let's find out...

Smartphones: How they changed the world

smartphone applications

To understand why smartphone integration is so important for the electric scooter market, we must look at its impact on our lives, work, and travel. It's hard to remember a time without iPhones and Android devices, even though they've only been around since 2007.

These small devices have changed the world in numerous ways, including:

  • Communication Revolution: Smartphones make communication easier and more accessible than ever before. People can use a wide range of messaging apps to connect with people worldwide at no extra cost.
  • Internet Access: With WiFi and 5G technology, people can connect to the world wide web wherever they are. Unlimited internet access means companies can upgrade their products and make them more accessible to users worldwide.
  • Access to Services: Smartphones have made accessing essential services, such as mobile banking and payment apps, easier. They also paved the way for a new range of services, including food delivery platforms and ride-sharing services.
  • Transportation: Many people use smartphones for navigation, reducing reliance on traditional GPS devices. Users today can get real-time traffic updates, and technology has also given car and scooter owners access to technology that improves their experience.

As you can see, smartphones are instrumental in today's convenient society, where accessibility is rarely an issue. Next, we'll explore how they're changing e-scooters and paving the way for a more cost-effective and eco-friendly way to travel.


Smartphone Integration: A game-changing feature

In 2022, the electric scooter market was worth $33.18 Billion, but estimates from Grand View Research suggest it will rise 9.9% by 2030. Smartphones will be instrumental in reaching - and potentially exceeding - those estimates, as they offer people convenience and connectivity.

When scooters connect to smartphones, they unlock a whole new world of functionalities and convenience.

How do e-scooters connect to smartphones?

Scooters can connect to smartphones through various technologies, typically wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth or cellular data. The specific connection method can vary depending on the scooter model's features.

Here are a few common ways scooters connect to smartphones:

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth is one of the most popular ways to establish a connection between scooters and smartphones. Once a scooter pairs with the user's smartphone, they can control the various functions through a mobile app, allowing them to adjust speeds and keep an eye on battery life—as well as using other features.

Mobile apps

Electric scooters often have companion mobile apps that riders can download and install on smartphones. These apps are the primary interface for connecting and interacting with the scooter. They provide features like ride tracking, battery monitoring, and customization options.

The app connects to the scooter using Bluetooth or another wireless technology, enabling seamless communication between the scooter and the smartphone.

Cellular data and internet connectivity

Some scooters have built-in cellular connectivity, which allows them to connect to the internet independently. These scooters communicate with smartphones over the cellular network and enable features like real-time tracking, remote control, and over-the-air firmware updates.

How smartphone integration enhances rider experience

the screenshot of Unagiscooter page

So, now you know more about smartphones and how they enable electric vehicles to offer a better experience for users, it's time to reveal how they work with e-scooters. Whether you plan to use some or all of these features, they guarantee a great ride.

Real-Time data and tracking

With smartphone integration, riders can access real-time data and tracking information about their electric scooter, which offers more control. You can check your battery levels, average speed, and the distances you typically travel.

This information lets you evaluate your scooter's performance and plan your ride properly. For example, if you notice you use more battery life during routes with inclines, you can either find a better route or charge your battery in advance.

GPS navigation and route planning

Smartphone integration enables GPS navigation and route planning, making it easier for riders to find their way around. E-scooter apps can suggest the best routes, considering traffic conditions and providing turn-by-turn directions.

GPS features are especially beneficial for riders unfamiliar with the area or those looking for the most efficient route. Also, they can improve accessibility for riders and promote safety because they ensure people don't ride in unsafe areas.

Ride statistics and performance monitoring

Riders can access detailed ride statistics and performance monitoring by connecting the scooter to a smartphone. These apps display information about electric scooters, such as average speed, trip duration, and calories burned during the ride.

Not only does this data help riders track their progress, but it also motivates them to achieve their fitness goals. You might not think you can get a workout on two wheels, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Check out our guide on how to get a workout on wheels to integrate fitness into your daily ride.

Anti-theft and security features

You pay money for an electric scooter and want it to be secure. Well, smartphone integration can enhance security through anti-theft features. Some apps allow users to activate an alarm if someone tries to tamper with the scooter or move it without authorization.

More advanced apps also have remote locking and immobilizing features, adding extra security. However, it's important to mention that you should still buy a physical lock to protect your scooter from theft.

Battery management and charging

Efficient battery management is crucial for electric scooters, as the battery will influence rider experience. The right smartphone integrations will let you monitor the battery level of your scooter in real time and ensure it never runs down.

E-scooter apps will send notifications when your battery is running low, and some can also help riders find nearby charging stations and ensure the battery doesn't completely run out of power.

Lithium ions should never fully discharge, as they can cause significant damage and impact battery life, so make sure you never let it drain to below 20% capacity.

Smart lighting and safety features

Smartphone integration enhances safety through smart lighting features. Riders can control the scooter's lights directly from the mobile app, adjusting brightness and activating different lighting modes.

These safety features are invaluable for riders, ensuring visibility and preventing accidents.

Connectivity with mobile apps

Smartphone integration allows electronic scooters to connect with various mobile phone apps to give riders a better experience. Along with ride-sharing apps, some e-scooters connect to payment integrations and music platforms.

For example - depending on the e-scooter mobile app - you can connect your smartphone to Spotify or Apple Music and enjoy your favorite songs while riding.

Weather apps are also beneficial as they provide real-time alerts that warn riders if it will rain, and you can also integrate with parking apps and find safe places to park your scooter nearby.

Integration with ride-sharing platforms

Dockless electric scooter startup companies brought these genius devices to the public, giving people a more compact alternative to electric bikes. Today, many people prefer to use a privately owned e-scooter as they're often safer, but we can't ignore how ride-sharing services have transformed urban mobility.

Smartphone integration enables electric scooters to seamlessly integrate with ride-sharing platforms, allowing riders to locate nearby scooters, unlock them and pay for each ride with their smartphone.

However, private models are becoming more popular, and the Unagi all-access subscription gives you a cost-effective way to get around without relying on electric scooter-sharing schemes.

Pay a small monthly fee and enjoy a sleek, high-performance scooter that delivers on all bases.

How to get the most out of your e-scooter and smartphone

Unagi electric scooter

The key to enjoying everything e-scooters offer is ensuring you make the most of smartphone integrations. Following these steps will help you make each ride a stress-free experience:

Choose the right scooter

Research and select an e-scooter that aligns with your needs and preferences. Consider factors such as range, speed, weight, and durability. Ensure the scooter has the necessary features to connect and interact with your smartphone, such as Bluetooth compatibility.

Download the companion app

If your e-scooter has a companion app, download and install it on your smartphone. The app will provide additional features and functionalities, allowing you to access and control various aspects of your scooter.

Pair your smartphone and scooter

Follow the instructions the manufacturer or app provides to pair your smartphone with the scooter. Typically, this involves enabling Bluetooth on both devices, opening the app, and following the pairing process outlined in the app.

Familiarize yourself with the app's features

Take some time to explore the features and capabilities the companion app offers. Get to know how to control the scooter settings, monitor battery life, view trip history, and access any additional features provided.

Use navigation and tracking apps

Apps such as Google Maps can help you find the best routes for your e-scooter. Using them ensures you find scooter-friendly paths and avoid traffic to enjoy a safe ride.

Stay updated

E-scooter companies that offer smartphone integrations usually have a dedicated mobile application for each scooter. You should always download the correct app for a particular scooter and check for updates regularly.

Protect your smartphone

Your smartphone plays a crucial role in interacting with your e-scooter, so protect it. A sturdy phone case and screen protector protect it from damage, and insurance ensures you can get a replacement.

Follow safety guidelines

Most importantly, don't let your e-scooter mobile application distract you from your responsibilities as a road user. Always adhere to traffic laws and ride responsibly. Don't listen to loud music that might distract you from noticing other road users.

What the future holds for smartphones and electric scooters

The role of smartphone integration in electric scooter features is continually evolving, and forward-thinking brands will continue to leverage it when building future e-scooters. As technology advances, we can expect further innovations such as voice commands and to make e-scooters more user-friendly.

Future developments may include voice commands, artificial intelligence assistants, and even augmented reality interfaces, making electric scooters more intuitive and user-friendly.

Unagi's e-scooter app gives users more convenience and allows them to unleash the full potential of their Model One Voyager. With key features, including remote locking and a QR code scanner to ensure easy installation, you have everything you need to enjoy this sleek scooter.



How does smartphone integration benefit electric scooter riders?

Smartphone integration enhances the riding experience by providing real-time data, GPS navigation, ride statistics, security features, and connectivity with various mobile apps. Integrating your smartphone with your scooter gives you more control over each ride.

Is smartphone integration necessary for using electric scooters?

Smartphone integration is not necessary but highly beneficial. It adds convenience, safety features, and additional functionalities to the electric scooter riding experience.

Why buy a private scooter instead of using a smart e-scooter sharing initiative?

While sharing initiatives allow anyone to locate and ride nearby electronic scooters, private scooters offer more control because you care for your scooter and ensure it receives regular services. Also, if there's no nearby scooter, you won't be able to use it, but having our own scooter ensures unlimited access.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley

Daniel tests all the latest e-scooters and currently enjoys the Unagi Voyager as a daily driver for it's light weight, good range, and stylish look.

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