Best Apollo City Alternatives

Daniel Foley
Written By: Daniel Foley
Updated on: 3/13/2024
Published on: 2/29/2024

Which commuter scooter gives you the freedom to move - your way?

Looking for the best alternatives to the Apollo City electric scooter? You've come to the right place. We're cutting through the noise to bring you a no-nonsense guide to the top contenders in the game.

Whether it's about matching speed, durability, or just getting more bang for your buck, we've got the lowdown on what's hot and what's not.

So hop on, because we're about to take you on a ride through the best of the rest in the electric scooter world. Let's roll!

Apollo City

Apollo City
Image Credits: Apollo Scooters

Before we check out the contenders rivaling Apollo's popular mid-range commuter scooter, let's take a look first at what they're up against.

The Apollo City electric scooter has 3 different versions available:

  • Apollo City 2022, with a single motor
  • Apollo City Pro with dual motors
  • Apollo City V3 (aka City Pro 2023), also with dual motors


From the get-go in 2021, and every upgrade since, Apollo City is quality-built to give urban commuters an all-round, durable, and reliable electric scooter.

Each time, Apollo tweaks the performance potential too. For that satisfying, faster-on-the-throttle feeling.

Apollo Scooters Motor
Image Source: Apollo Scooters

Motor and Speed

Apollo City Pro 2022 and Apollo City 2023 (V3) is equipped with:

  • Dual 500 watt motors pumping out a max speed of 51.5km/h (32mph)

Compared to the previous Apollo City 2022 edition, fitted with:

  • A single 500W motor, and a top speed of 45 km/h (28mph)

Riding Modes

The best electric scooters like Apollo City, NIU KQi3 MAX, and Unagi Voyager, will also give you a choice of up to 3 riding modes - plus one for walking pace. Sometimes, an electric scooter such as the Segway Ninebot MAX will give you four distinct riding modes. Each riding mode is capped at its own top speed.

Staying within a fixed speed limit can help to extend range, as well as give you the extra throttle for those fun, "let's go faster" moments.

Apollo City riding modes and range
Apollo City riding modes and range


When you hit that thumb throttle you expect instant take-off. But to reach maximum speed you should also expect different riding conditions to affect scooter performance. Including, just about every test electric scooters are put through as well.

But will doubling down on motor power get your electric scooter up to speed, double quick?

Comparing dual motor Apollo City Pro 2023 with single motor Apollo City 2022:

0-15 mph (24.1 km/h):

  • Apollo City Pro 2023 - around 3 secs
  • Apollo City 2022 - around 4.0 secs

Apollo Scooters Handle
Image Source: Apollo Scooters

Apollo has also upgraded the City Pro throttle with a firmer, robust action, wider thumb pad, and ergonomically-shade speed mode buttons. Which gives you a more stable and smooth ride quality from the get-go.

Cruise Control

Not every electric scooter provides cruise control, which means you don't have to keep your thumb on the throttle! Cruise control automatically adjusts the throttle and braking. It also means optimal use of battery charge when you maintain a consistent pace over an extended period.

Apollo City Pro 2023 Advanced Settings
Apollo City Pro 2023 Advanced Settings

1. Access to Cruise Control on Apollo City is via Advanced Settings.

2. To activate: Hold down both the Mode and Power buttons at the same time.

3. Cruise Control is P-setting, P17.

  • "0" is off
  • "1" is on - usually kicks in around 2 secs.

4. Cruise control can also be accessed via the dedicated app.

Photo Credits: Pixabay: Barescar90

Hill Climbs

The best electric scooters have no problem tackling typical urban hill climbs of between 10 and 20 degrees, or even steeper. Sometimes an e-scooter struggles with making steeper gradients. A best budget electric scooter should handle 10 to 15 degree inclines, by selecting a slightly slower speed.

The dual motor Apollo City Pro 2023 - can tackle between 13 - 20 degree climbs.

A significant improvement on the Apollo City 2022 - which can generally manage a 10 degree gradient - and the urban standard for single motor scooters.

Motor power is not the only factor behind a great scooter ride. Getting a longer range for your battery-charging buck is always top of any rider's list.


Battery charge and range

Apollo City Pro 2023 sports a 48v (52 x 21700 cell) lithium-ion battery. Apollo has also ramped up the City's battery Ah (Amp-hours)*


18Ah (Apollo City 2022)


20Ah (Apollo City Pro 2023)

*Ah is a unit of measure that rates a battery's energy capacity. Or how much current a battery can provide at a specific rate over a certain period.

Plus, Apollo has also upgraded the Wh (work-hours)*. A battery rating e-scooter riders tend to be more focused upon.

*Wh is a unit of measure that rates how much power is available in one hour.

  • Apollo City Pro 2023 - 960 Wh
  • Apollo City 2022 - 650 Wh

The improved rating means an increase in range.

On a complete 4.5 hour battery single charge time, and at an average urban speed of around 15 km/h (9.3mph):

  • Apollo City Pro 2023 - has an extended range of around 69kms / 43 miles ( in ECO speed mode)

compared to:

  • Apollo City 2022 - with a travel distance of around 53kms /33 miles

Under best riding conditions - such as flat ground - the slightly larger battery capacity of the City Pro 2023 should provide a maximum range of around 56 - 64kms (35 - 40 miles) compared to the 2022 version of around 30 - 40kms (19 - 25 miles) max range.

**It should always be kept in mind that selected speed modes, rider weight, ground conditions, and remaining battery life can all impact the final travel distance.

A rule of thumb is the faster your speed the less charge may be available to extend your range.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Apollo's built-in BMS offers protection against:

  • Short circuiting
  • Overcurrent - lithium plating on the negative electrode leading to thermal runaway
  • Overcharging - charging beyond recommended voltage or current limits
  • Excess temperature levels
  • Undervoltage auto-sleep - prevents discharge below the rated value

Tires and shock absorption

Apollo City - a name that brands this machine as a commuter scooter - is built for handling the urban space, and aimed to give the daily commuter a smoother ride. One that's a more comfortable, stable ride than some other scooters in the same class.

The smoothest ride will often depend on the size and type of tires and a scooter's suspension system.

Apollo City scooters are fitted with:

  • 10in x 3in pneumatic tires (air filled tires)

A standard, urban electric scooter often comes with 8 inch tires. Which can generally cope with typical, flat, urban surfaces. From precinct pavements and walkways to public roads and highways.

Apollo City's larger 10 inch tires - which slightly raise the height of an e scooter - can have better shock absorption and ride cushioning. Especially, if you find yourself riding uneven, cracked paving, or bumps and tears in concrete and tarmac.

  • Tubeless, self healing tires

Tubeless tires - don't depend on a fiddly-to-replace, air-filled inner tube to stay inflated. The entire inner edge of the tire is airtight against the wheel hub.

Self-healing tires - Self healing tires are increasingly seen on electric kick scooters fitted with air filled tires without an inner tube.

The inside surface of both tires of Apollo City scooters are lined with PunctureGuard™ Technology - a non-drying, anti-defect sealant designed for tubeless tires. Which can absorb penetration from objects of up to around 25 mm (1 inch).

When a tire tread or wall is penetrated, the gel is immediately released to fill the puncture area. Temporary plugging of a puncture, cut or tear enables you to continue riding until you reach your destination.


All three Apollo City scooter versions sport a triple spring coil, front and rear suspension system -

  • Front spring suspension: Single coil
  • Rear spring suspension: Twin coils

The spring system has 3 long-travel coils which means there's enough movement to allow the wheels to:

  • Instantly respond up and down in a smooth and controlled action
  • Better absorb bumpy, uneven riding surfaces


Apollo has installed dual drum mechanical brakes in its range of City scooters. Drum brakes are fully enclosed, and therefore, are:

  • Less jerky or prone to locking up than disc brakes
  • Thicker, more durable, and last longer than disc brake pads
  • Protect against rain/water entering and damaging the brake pad linings
  • Unlikely to ever overheat
  • Low maintenance, and rarely need adjusting

Apollo claims their drum brakes are, "sufficient for electric scooters. If you can stop both wheels with a brake handle while traveling at a speed of 50-60 km/hour (31-37 mph)".

Traveling at a max speed of around 20 mph (32 km/h), Apollo City Pro 2023 can stop at around 15 feet (4.5 meters)

compared to:

Apollo City 2022 traveling at 15 mph (24 km/h), stopping at around 12 feet (3.6 meters).

Regenerative braking

Energy 'collected' when an electric scooter slows down or stops can also be used to help recharge the scooter battery. This can extend range (by up to around 20 per cent).

Regenerative braking, alone, may not be enough to help you stop when riding at higher speeds. But used together with drum brakes, it will give you added stopping power when needed.

Combining regenerative braking with a traditional scooter braking system can also help to extend its lifespan.

Apollo City electric scooters come with "variable" regenerative braking. Rather than simply switching "on" or "off", the brake levers have "position sensors" which respond to how hard they're squeezed.

Find out more about how regenerative braking works


Safe riding means visibility at all times. Whether you're scootering after dusk, or on those early winter morning trips.

Apollo City Pro 2023 is equipped with a versatile system of lights, designed to give all-round visibility

  • Headlight: A handy design upgrade to the City Pro now enables you to change the beam angle by adjusting, up or down, the headlight, located just beneath the handlebars.
  • Tail light: A large, vertical capsule-shaped red tail-light is mounted high on the rear fender, which flashes when the handbrake levers are squeezed.
  • Indicators: Another design innovation is the generous-shaped amber turn signals at the tip of each handlebar. Each one will flash in unison with large, amber chevron indicators, located left and right hand side of the rear deck.

Apollo Scooters Handle
Image Source: Apollo Scooters

Handlebar Control

It's not only cool new indicators at your command in the cockpit. Apollo City Pro's handlebar control has upgraded to a new level too.

The latest City Pro sports a stylishly designed 67cms (26.4 in) handlebar, for a firmer, yet agile steer compared to the 2022 version, at 63cms (24.8in).

Aided by a new hi-tactile, ribbed textured grips for both comfortable and practical control. And total scooter control ...

City Pro 3's easy-to-use layout gives you:

Mechanical brake handles - Left handle - activates rear drum brake | Right handle - activates front drum brake.

Left handle - Regen throttle.

Right handle - Acceleration throttle.

Centre of handlebar - LED Display mode controls and key riding readouts, inc: speed, distance and battery charge.

Build quality and load capacity


The Pro 2023 is purpose-built from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum. Sporting an urban-cool finish in graphite grey, and subtle orange accents for the folding lock and suspension coils.


Where other electric scooters may sometimes have narrow and less posture-friendly decks, here the City Pro gives you a positively leg-stretching:

  • 52.3 cm (20.6in) H x 20cm (7.8in) W - tapering neatly to 12cm (4.7in) W kickplate (and carry handle) at the rear.

Complete with 13cms (5.1 inches) of ground clearance - that's some 2 inches more than a few scooters out there - you won't disturb your comfortable ride too much when navigating curb and paving steps.


Weighing in at 29.4kgs (65lbs), the dual motor City Pro 2023 is heavier than the single motor City version, at 25.8kgs (57lbs). Not every urban rider may find it easy to carry the Pro 2023 up a set of stairs or over longer walking distances.

But City Pro 2023 has a new, robust "press and pull back" spring clip on the folding mechanism - making for an even faster and easier quick-release.

Folding down

From: H 131cms ( 51.6in) x L 125.2cm (49.3 in)

To: H 63cms ( 24.8in) x L 125.2cm (49.3 in)

Once folded upright again, the stem remains locked rigid with no movement at all.

A max carrying capacity of 120kgs (265lbs) is good news for supporting added rider weight.


  • Weight: 29.4kgs (65lbs)
  • Folded dimensions: H 63cms (24.8in) x L 125.2cm (49.3 in) x W 68cms (26.7in)
  • Motor power: 2 x 500watts
  • Top speed: 51.5km/h (32mph)
  • Range: 69kms / 43 miles
  • Battery capacity: 960Wh
  • Battery recharge time: 4.5hrs
  • Max rider weight: 120kg (265lbs)
  • Brake type: Front and Rear mechanical Drum + Regen Braking
  • Tire type: 10in (25 cm) x 3in (8 cm) pneumatic (air-filled)
  • Built-in lights: Single, adjustable LED headlight, rear tail light, twin handlebar and rear turn signals
  • Water resistance: IP66 ( protected from splashes, sprays, jets, dust and larger solid particles)

In a nutshell

Apollo has not just upgraded ... the brand has refined the City 2022. To make City Pro 2023 an even smoother, safer urban ride, including:

  • Bigger capacity battery at 48v 20Ah 960Wh
  • New, adjustable headlight and handlebar indicator lights
  • Enhanced throttle paddle
  • Robust, fully enclosed, spring folding catch
  • Water resistance raised to IP66

If 1000 watts of motor power alongside smooth riding is definitely on your wish list, it's time to check out Fluid Vista. Could this be the best electric scooter for your riding needs?

Fluid Vista

Fluid Vista


To ride an electric scooter packing 1000 watts of continuous motor power may be more "performance scooter" than steady urban commuting.

But this solid tire machine - built by Miami-based electric scooter retailer, Fluid Freeride, which only launched in 2018 - also offers a suspension system for an uber comfortable ride experience most riders look for.

Motor and Speed

Motor and Speed

Fluid Vista comes loaded with a single 60V 1000W rear wheel drive motor, with 1800W peak output.

Fluid Freeride claims the Vista can reach a top speed of 13.8 km/h (31 miles per hour) - nearly identical to Apollo City Pro 2023. And three riding modes plus a walking speed option are also accessible during your ride.

Cruise control - is also available via a mobile app that connects to Vista via Bluetooth.


Whether hitting the throttle on a last minute getaway or simply for fun, Vista is impressive.

0-15 mph (24.1 km/h): 4.2 secs - virtually matching Apollo City (and Segway Ninebot Max G2).

0-25 mph (40.2 km/h): 13.3 secs.

Access to the Fluid mobile app enables you to also adjust acceleration levels.

Hill Climbs

Apart from rider weight, battery charge and tire tread, it will often be the power of the motor that decides how well your electric scooter can deal with gradients.

Armed with its rear wheel drive 1000 watt motor, Fluid Vista can handle typical 10 per cent urban hill climbs in under 15 seconds. By selecting a slower climbing speed of 16 km/h (10 mph).

Brand manufacturer, Fluid Freeride states the Vista can handle inclines of around 13 degrees to a max gradient of 20 degrees.


Battery charge and range

Battery life and maximizing travel distance on a single charge are always a concern with all types of electric vehicles. No less, on a scooter's range.

Fluid has given its own production scooter a removable battery. This means you have a choice of battery capacity for the Fluid Vista to extend your range for longer commutes.

On a single charge:

Fluid Vista battery range options

Fluid Freeride advises you would need to keep a constant moderate pace of 24 km/h (15 mph) to achieve the above distances, which does not take into account real world conditions on typical urban roads and pedestrian pathways.

A more realistic range is around a third less or 32 miles in average urban conditions, including weather, rider weight and frequency of stops and starts.

An on-board battery management system (BMS) is designed to prevent issues such as overcharging, short circuits and excess battery temperatures.


Like Apollo City, the Fluid Vista is equipped with 10in x 3in tires. But instead of the air-filled kind, Fluid has opted to give their own brand scooter solid tires.

On the plus side, this means you won't have the grief of those nuisance flats messing up your travel plans. No punctures, no cry.

Equipping a scooter with solid tires tends to improve your ability to maneuver around tricky corners and turns. And if you plan to explore more off-road paths and tracks, a solid tire is more durable for handling rougher terrains. It's worth noting the tire treads used on the Vista tend to be found on off road scooter tires.

The downside to solid tires is they will make your scooter heavier than air filled tires. Heavier, solid tires also tend to be less flexible. Above all, they offer no shock absorption against bumpy uneven ground - and those annoying potholes.

On the plus side, Fluid Freeride has designed some super, plumped-up suspension that makes you feel you are riding cloud nine on air filled tires.

Suspension and shock absorption

Ride quality is usually down to how well an electric scooter can absorb the bumps and cracks you find riding around your precinct or on cross town routes. Not every other scooter has all-round suspension. That is, shock absorbers on both the front and rear wheel.

Like Apollo, the Fluid brand has fitted front and rear suspension on their Vista scooter. And they're adjustable, too. Both the front fork and rear spring can be tightened or loosened to increase or decrease preload.

Front suspension

Adjusting the "Preload" dial on the top of each of the dual front suspension springs is often enough for the calibrated coils to help absorb larger bumps.

Rear suspension

Suspension at the rear can be adjusted using a C-spanner. Tightening adds preload, while loosening compresses the spring more easily under less load pressure. It's recommended to do this if maximum rider weight of 120kgs (265 lbs) is likely to be exceeded.



Quality of brake performance is key to keeping riders and their electric scooters safe.

Like Apollo City scooters and Vista's own suspension system, you have the added reinforcement of a dual braking system:

  • Front - mechanical drum
  • Rear - mechanical disc
  • Electronic regenerative

At an average urban speed of 15 mph (24.1 km/h), its combined braking force can bring the Vista to a dead stop at 3 meters (9 feet). Which is impressive for a scooter designed and equipped for daily urban commutes.

You can also pre-set the energy level stored in the battery when activating the Regen brakes via the scooter’s app.


A functional headlight is high-mounted on the stem, just below the handlebars, for illuminating the ground ahead. As with several other scooters out there, it's recommended to add a second headlight to help increase visibility. For your safety and other commuters too.

Additional lights embedded at each corner in the front and rear deck help boost visibility. The rear lights - along with the fender tail light - also perform as braking indicators and turn signals.

However, they only flash when all of the other scooter lights are turned off. When they are switched back on, they only glow brighter when you squeeze the brake levers.

Boosting scooter visibility is aided by LED "swag lights" lining both sides of the deck. The different colors and patterns, which cycle through in a ripple effect, are activated by the mobile app.

Handlebar Control

Handlebar Control

Vista sports lengthy 25.5 inch handlebars (one inch less than Apollo City Pro), flared rubber, and hi-dimpled handgrips. High handlebars make it suitable for tall riders

Cockpit controls feature:

  • Power button
  • Thumb throttle
  • Front drum brake and rear disc brake levers
  • Turn signals slide switch
  • Horn button
  • Bell

A wide, bright center color display presents an extensive main readout, including:

  • Speed
  • Riding mode
  • Distance traveled
  • Turn signal indicators
  • Battery level
  • Voltage
  • Power usage

A separate readout, top left of the display, includes:

  • Cruise control
  • Temperature warning
  • Bluetooth status
  • Motor Lock status

Build quality and load capacity


With a load capacity of 120kgs (265lbs) and measuring 111.5cms (40 in) from deck to handlebars, Fluid Vista caters to the taller rider too. The frame build is visibly large, not unlike a "performance" scooter. It cuts a more beefy profile for the daily urban commute compared to the more lightweight machines in the range of affordable scooters.

Finished in "classic matte black", stand out features include:

Clean cable management - all wires hidden away, with only two brake lines emerging from the handlebars.

Splashback resistant and robust fenders - for standing upon.


The Fluid Vista deck gives you an available 45 cm (18 in) long deck for ample leg-room - always welcome on those longer rides.

Its entire surface is covered in a bold pattern, hi-grip textured rubber, elegantly tapering from a 23 cm (9 in) rear width to 21 cm (8.25 in) at the front.

Where most other scooters provide a 3 inch ground clearance, the Vista gives you 6 inches, compared to the Apollo City's 5.1 inches. And the ability to clear those high curbs and flagstones with no nasty scraping or scuffing.


Fluid Vista weighs in at 27kgs (60 lbs), which is 2kgs lighter than Apollo City Pro. But may still not be an easy, one-handed carry up a set of stairs. Or for hopping on and off the subway.

Its wide handlebars mean Vista folds down -

From: L 125.7cms(49.5in) x W 64.7cms (25.5in) x H 127cms (50in)

To: L 125.7cms(49.5in) x W 64.7cms (25.5in) x H 61cms (24in)

Folding mechanism - is a simple "pull-and-release" lever, which locks/unlocks into place via two catches and a safety button.

You simply fold the bars down, and the stem clicks in automatically. Press the push-down button to release the bars again.

A hook on the back of the handlebars snaps into the rear deck, and Vista is ready to carry in seconds.


  • Weight: 27kgs (60lbs)
  • Folded dimensions: L 125.7cms(49.5in) x W 64.7cms (25.5in) x H 61cms (24in)
  • Motor power: 1000watts (continuous) | 1800watts peak
  • Top speed: 13.8 km/h ( 31 miles per hour)
  • Range: 72kms / 45 miles (at ECO speed)
  • Battery capacity: 858Wh
  • Battery recharge time: 7-8hrs
  • Max rider weight: 120kg (265lbs)
  • Brake type: Front and Rear Mechanical Disc + Regen Braking
  • Tire type: 10in (25 cm) x 3in (8 cm) solid
  • Built-in lights: Single headlight, rear tail light & turn signals
  • Water resistance: IPx5 (protected from water spray at any angle)

In a nutshell

A 1000 watts of performance-type urban commuting on puncture-proof solid tires and super smooth, double spring suspension - what's not to like about Fluid Vista?

Its speed, range, and hill climbing are bang on the affordable, good looks, e scooter dollar. With more than a hint of off-road capability in the cut of its tire tread.

Talking of good looks gliding down the runway of purpose-built, urban chic scootering - it's time to check out Unagi Voyager...

Unagi Voyager


If you're scrolling every which way for a design statement in daily commuter scooters - Unagi Voyager could be your best electric scooter bet.

A new e smart generation of urban commuters are seeking freedom of mobility - portable transportation that's efficient, affordable and sustainable. Giving max performance in head-turning scooter style.

California-based Unagi brand has been turning heads since launching in 2018 with its cool makeover approach to previous urban scooter norms. On their stated mission to, "eliminate barriers to getting out and about."

Following the success of Model One, Unagi rolled out their latest creation, Voyager, in Spring 2023, heralded by the tag, "Double the Range & Half the Charge Time".

Let's take a closer look...



Speed and Acceleration

Unagi Voyager comes equipped with:

  • 2 x 250w motors - one in each wheel hub - giving you a total 500 watts of continuous dual motor power.

Packing dual motors like Apollo City Pro 2023, Voyager achieves a nearly identical performance to drive your daily commute, typically:

  • Maximum speed of 32 km/h (20 mph).
  • Accelerating to 24 km/h (15 mph) in around 4 seconds.

Voyager's performance is firmly fixed on typical urban rides. But just like many of the best electric scooters out there, you get to "customize your ride for the speed you need".

Ride Modes

Voyager also offers you 3 riding modes to pre-set max speeds:

  • Mode 1 - 14 km/h (9 mph): Equivalent to a typical ECO mode for saving battery charge on longer rides, and maximizing range.
  • Mode 2 - 19 km/h (12 mph): Ideal pace for the urban daily commute. An on-board "balanced" throttle helps you maintain a steady-pace.
  • Mode 3 - 27 km/h (17 mph): Max speed - well within most state limits - when your way ahead is clear and safe to open up the throttle.

An added 4th riding speed is the optional P (Pedestrian) or walking mode - 5-6 km/h (3-4 mph).

Hill Climbs

Voyager's dual motors can deliver a 1000 watts peak output - up from the Model One's 800 watts. Plus, an improved max torque of 32Nm compared to 26Nm (Model One).

The extra heavy-duty torque means Voyager eats up 15-degree hill climbs.

Beating out the 10 degree inclines achieved by Apollo City 2022, and matching those of Apollo City Pro 2023, Voyager's averages typical urban gradients (10 per cent) in around 12 seconds at nearly 17.7 km/h (11 mph).

Battery Charge and Travel Distance

Unagi has given Voyager a stepped-up:

  • 42V 3A charge output lithium-ion battery of 360Wh / 10 Ah - compared to 33.6V, 2A 259Wh / 9Ah (Model One).

Without adding to the scooter weight the larger battery gives Voyager:

  • 12 to 25 mile range on a single charge
  • 3 hours charging time
Battery management system (BMS)

Voyager's built-in monitoring system - designed for low maintenance scootering - prevents:

  • Overheating
  • Short circuiting
  • Undervoltage/Overcurrent
  • Overcharge/Discharge
  • Auto-sleep

How to charge your electric scooter without a charger!

Tires and shock absorption

Tires and shock absorption

Voyager comes equipped with unique design tires measuring:

  • 7.5 inch (19 cm) (Diameter) x 1.6 in ( 4.0cms) (Width)

Engineered for a super smooth ride quality their distinctive look is known as "honeycomb tires", a hybrid of solid tires and pneumatic tires.

Honeycomb tires

Honeycomb tires

Unagi electric scooters have become well-known for their honeycomb (or "air pocket") tires. A combination of air filled and solid tires.

This is a system of ribbed air pockets ("honeycombs") around the edge of the entire wheel, which gives:

  • Greater structural integrity - less tire distortion during tight maneuvres and better suspension than solid tires.
  • Lower rolling resistance - to moving forward.
  • Extended range - more battery charge stored.
  • Reduced risk of a flat.
  • Greater shock absorption - as the suspension is not included on Voyager.


Whether riding around precinct grounds, a bike lane, pathways or public roads you need to know your scooter has responsive brakes for slowing down and safe stopping.

Voyager is fitted with:

  • Dual electronic brakes - front and rear wheel hubs.

Plus, a rear fender brake to give a firm assist to full stops. With no jarring wheel locks when braking on the average, flat urban route.

Typical on-road test results for Unagi:

  • 5.5 m (16.9 feet) - for both electronic and foot brakes.
  • 7.7 m (25 feet) - electronic brakes only.


It's not just at night when you need to, "always see and be seen", it's essential too for early morning, bad weather and during reduced winter daylight.

Several other scooters in the dedicated commuter class are not always installed with bright enough headlights. You're generally advised to fix up a second headlight on the stem to improve visibility.

Unagi has not skimped on these important details, and fitted Voyager with:

  • 1.8 LED dual, flush-mounted, headlights.

Unagi has also ensured its headlight is mounted at the highest point on the stem - in front of the handlebars - for:

  • Wider illumination of the road ahead
  • Red LED light, low-mounted on the scooter rear fender, and
  • Red "flash style" reflectors on the front and rear wheel stems


Handlebar control

Unagi's passion for reinventing ergonomic scooter design and function for max portable mobility never stops.

What could be more elegantly fashioned than the Voyager handlebar? A control center seamlessly formed from a single casting of magnesium alloy, one third lighter than aluminum.

Not only looking good but feeling good to touch, too. Unagi scooter design is always about sustainable rider comfort and practical efficiency at your fingertips.

Voyager sports a large display flush-mounted at the center of the handlebars.

A new Unagi control feature is:

  • Dual motor mode - a two-wheel icon on the screen replaces a single icon.

At a glance you can also instantly see and control:

  • Current speed
  • Motor status
  • Distance traveled - see Smart App below
  • Battery level
  • Touch response brake paddles
  • Horn
  • LED headlight

Smart app

Smart app

A further performance improvement is the addition of an iOS and Android smart app. This enables you to:

  • Lock and unlock scooter wheels
  • Precisely calculate remaining battery life ("Distance to Empty" feature) - by rider weight and 'ride' mode.

Build quality and load capacity


Many electric scooters have traditionally been finished in black with perhaps only deck swag lights offering any cool color detailing. Apart from city rental scheme branding, the early commuter scooters tended to follow the same black or grey finish.


Unagi has helped lead the way in smart color makeovers. Voyager has FOUR new cool hues to choose from:

  • Deep Cobalt (blue)
  • Cool Mist (green)
  • Latte (tan)
  • Matt Black

Its high-spec frame is made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and magnesium alloy, which gives an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

This makes the Voyager an exceptionally light scooter with unbreakable strength. There's even 'invisible' reinforced, frame support at typical stress points.


Voyager sports a slimline deck, ideal for short commutes and trips around the block:

  • 47 cm (18.5 in) x 13.5 cm (5.5 in), matching Fluid Vista and a couple of inches narrower than Apollo City.

Its standing room is generally larger than a typical scooter deck. And elegantly tapered for riding comfort with a tough, rubber-grip embedded across its entire surface.

Ground clearance is 8.3 cm (3.3 ins) with left-hand side kickstand, neatly folding away when not in use.



Voyager weighs in at an easy, carry in your hand 13.4kgs (29.6 lbs) - more than half the weight of Apollo City Pro 2023 at 29.4kgs (65lbs) and Fluid Vista at 27kgs (60 lbs).

It's also several pounds lighter than many other commuter scooters. Offering max portability for those zippy urban hops from pavement to public transport, and back again.

The Unagi scooter also has a fast-action folding mechanism.

In a one-flick thumb slide - combined with a 90 degree stem angle - Voyager instantly folds down to:

  • 91 cm (37 in) x 40 cm (16in) x 38 cm (15 in).

An easy comfortable size for carrying up stairs, escalator, and storing neatly away in your car trunk, at the office, or in your home.

one-flick thumb slide


  • Weight: 13.4kgs (29.6 lbs)
  • Folded dimensions: 96 cm (37.8 in) x 42 cm (16.4in) x 38 cm (15 in)
  • Motor power: 1000 W (max)| 500 W (continuous)
  • Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Travel distance: 19.3 - 40.2kms (12 to 25 miles)
  • Battery capacity: 768Wh
  • Battery recharge time: 3 hours
  • Max rider weight: 100kgs (220 lbs)
  • Brake type: Dual electronic + rear, foot brake assist.
  • Tire type: 7.5 inch solid rubber
  • On-board lights: Dual front LED and Rear light red LED
  • Water resistance: IP54 (water spray from all directions, dust and small particles)

In a nutshell


"Effortless personal transportation" underpins the Unagi vision for a growing community of the urban curious.

Voyager's upgraded dual 250 watt motors and 360Wh battery give the urban commuter even more power riding. With honeycomb tires to float like a butterfly, and ride like a bee.

Unagi's inbuilt, ergonomic design attitude gives you endlessly satisfying handlebar control. A micromobility freedom with double the range at half the energy-charging time.

Enabling interaction and discovery around your precinct or exploring city limits.

More power takes you further. Meeting your daily transportation needs, the just "pick up and go" Voyager can be carried anywhere and everywhere, and you're always traveling in cool color style.

But is Voyager the only scooter packing style and performance in one affordable, urban scooter package?

Could the NIU KQi3 MAX also be the stuff of your electric scooter dreams?


The KQi3 MAX scooter is made by China-based NIU Technologies. Founded in 2014, they are involved in the manufacture of smart, high-performance 2-wheel electric vehicles.

Over the last 12-18 months, their KQi3 MAX has been gaining attention. Increasingly seen as the latest addition to the urban commuter market as a great, all-round performing electric scooter.

Image Source: NIU Technologies | Instagram


At its launch in 2022, the KQi3 MAX was tagged the "SUV of scooters" of the NIU range. The clue is in MAX, of course.

Speed and Range

NUI has given their KQ i3 MAX:

  • 450 watts of motor power - 900 watts peak

This beats out the 350 watts (700 watts, peak) of their own KQi3 PRO scooter. But not quite matching the 1000 watts of peak output of Unagi Voyager.

Here you have a top speed of 37.9 km/h (23.6 mph) with acceleration taking an average 4 seconds, on par with Unagi Voyager, Fluid Vista, and Apollo City 2022.

Riding modes

There are FOUR riding modes - compared to most scooters which have three. Your first 2 modes, pre-set for the needs of typical, daily urban commuting, are:

  • Pedestrian - 4 km/h (2.4 mph) max
  • Eco-Save - up to 15 km/h (9.3 mph) max


If you're looking for some performance-type rides, you have 2 further modes, accessed by NIU app only:

  • Sport - in-built MAX speed
  • Custom - set to your own top speed
  • Cruise control - kicks in automatically, so you don't have to keep your hand on the throttle.

Image Source: NIU Technologies | Instagram
Image Source: NIU Technologies | Instagram

Hill climbs

Packing 900 watts at peak gives KQi3, according to NIU, the staying power to handle 25 per cent gradients.

Typically, the KQ-i3 makes 10-15 degree inclines in around 14-15 secs - that's actually some 3 seconds slower than Unagi Voyager's 1000 watt peak output motor.

It should always be kept in mind that rider weight, riding conditions, battery charge and speed selected are all factors in dealing with hill climbs.


Battery charge and range

KQi3 MAX is equipped with a respectable 48V 608.4Wh lithium-ion battery, more than able to pack in more range than a typical mid-range commuter scooter.

KQi3 MAX Battery
Image Source: NIU Technologies

On a single charge (8 hours) the KQi3 Max battery can deliver an impressive 65kms (40 miles) - when riding in Eco-Save mode. Which can be ideal for your daily, urban hop across town. And compares favorably with Apollo City scooters.

Image Source: NIU Technologies

Tires and shock absorption

KQ-i3 sports a wider-than-average tire to better handle the lumps, bumps, and cracks of typical sidewalks, pathways, and road routes.

Not quite the 10in x 3in of Apollo City scooters but a respectable:

  • 9.5in (24.1cm) x 2.5in ( 6.3cm) of air-filled, tubeless tires

That's around 30 percent more rubber tire than many other scooters for soaking up uneven pavements cracked tarmac and bone-shaking potholes. Which makes up for a lack of suspension.

Self healing tire gel
Image Source: NIU Technologies

Self healing tire gel

Both tires come with a self-healing system for temporary fixing flats. Instead of an inner tube, the inside surface of both pneumatic (air filled) tires are pre-slimed with a sealing gel.

When a tire tread or wall is penetrated, the cut or tear will be filled by the gel to prevent a flat. Instead of the hassle of changing the tire on the pavement, you can continue riding to your destination. But you will need to permanently fix the puncture/replace the tire as soon as possible.


Most urban electric scooters on the market are equipped with a dual braking system fitted. The KQi-3 has gone a step further with a:

Triple braking system AND variable regenerative braking:

  • Front and Rear - mechanical disc brake
  • Rear - electric brake

The very noticeable, bright red calipers clamp solidly onto the brake disc from both sides. Braking at 25 km/h (15 mph) can bring you to a dead stop at around 3 meters (9 - 10 feet). That's a shorter stopping distance shorter than Apollo City scooters and broadly matches Fluid Vista.

"Variable" regenerative braking

Variable regen braking means the more pressure you apply to the lever - the extra stored energy - is automatically applied to both front and rear brake.

This compares favorably to 'standard' regenerative braking, which is either "full on" or "full off".


Visibility is essential at all times - whether you're riding at night or early in the morning. This means during the daytime as well, if light conditions are reduced during bad weather or in the winter months.

NUI has installed just underneath the handlebars:

  • A "Halo" effect headlight (visible up to 19.8 meters | 65 feet)

This halo beam is constantly on during daylight - separate from normal headlight control.

In addition, the KQ-i3 is fitted with:

  • Large, red wedge-shape tail & brake light - on the rear fender.

Handlebar control

The 54.2 cm (21.3 in) length handlebar means steering and turning is easy and light touch. Cockpit control is simplicity itself.

  • Brake levers are left and right hand side of the handlebars.
  • The thumb throttle is right hand side.

A sharp, bright LED display sits in the middle of the handlebars, giving readouts of:

  • Current speed
  • Battery charge remaining
  • Riding modes
  • Lights on or off


The NIU app features include:

  • Scooter lock and unlocking
  • Rider statistics and ride tracking
  • Battery level and health
  • Cruise control activation mode
  • Energy recovery settings for regenerative braking
  • Build quality and load capacity

Build quality and load capacity


Aligning with an increasing trend for commuter scooter builds, KQi3 MAX is constructed with 'aerospace grade' aluminum.

This gives the scooter a level of structural strength and durability to withstand frequent use. It has a water resistance rating of IP54 (protected from dust and water splashes from any direction), and is capable of handling a Max. rider weight of 120kgs (265 lbs), a capacity identical to Apollo City.

Image Source: NIU Technologies
Image Source: NIU Technologies


Measuring 17cm (6.7in) × 56.8 cm (22.4in), NUI has installed an extra wide deck to give riders more standing space for the daily commute and longer rides.

Clearance under the deck is 7.6cm (2.9in), which falls short of Apollo and Fluid scooters.

Its solid-looking yet elegantly-shaped contours are covered in a wide pattern, firm-grip rubber from raised front to rear foot rest.

Image Source: NIU Technologies | Instagram
Image Source: NIU Technologies | Instagram


The larger motor and battery means KQi3 MAX weighs in at 21kgs (46.3 lbs). It's significantly less than the Apollo City 2023 at 29.4kgs (65lbs), and so much easier to carry, say, up an escalator or steep stairs. But still doesn't hold a lightweight candle to Unagi Voyager at 13.4kgs (29.6 lbs).

A "one touch" folding mechanism reduces the KQ13 MAX to a compact, hassle-free carry.

  • Unfolded: 115.5 cm (45.5in) x 117.0 cm(46.1 in) x 54.1cm (21.3in)
  • Folded: 115.5 cm (45.5in) x 117.0 cm(46.1 in) x 50.2cm (19.8in)


  • Weight: 21kgs (46.3 lbs)
  • Folded dimensions: 115.5 cm (45.5in) x 117.0 cm(46.1 in) x 50.2cm (19.8in)
  • Motor power: 450watts (continuous) | 900watts peak
  • Top speed: 37.9 km/h (23.6 mph)
  • Range: 65kms (40 miles)
  • Battery capacity: 608.4Wh
  • Battery recharge time: 8hrs
  • Max rider weight: 120kg (265lbs)
  • Brake type: Front and Rear - mechanical disc | Rear - electric brake + Regen Braking
  • Tire type: 9.5in (24.1cm) x 2.5in ( 6.3cm) air-filled, tubeless
  • Built-in lights: "Halo" effect headlight, rear tail light & turn signals
  • Water resistance: IP54 (protected from dust and water splashes from any direction)

Powerful and Durable Riding
Image Source: NIU Technologies | Community

In a Nutshell

NIU KQ-i3 quietly, yet clearly, packs a commuter scooter punch. It boasts wide wheels, an amped up motor for peak output action, and large, range busting battery storage.

All performance boosting creds most urban riders need to get through their week. And for weekend fun time scootering too. The four speed modes give you great options for energy saving long rides, zippy hops across town, speedster thrills or customizing your own pace.

KQ-i3's sturdy frame and halo headlight good looks are a comfortable stylish, ride. An extra long and uber-muscular sturdy deck gives you all the leg room you need.

While the KQi-3 MAX may not sport twin motors, it can offer a powerful and durable riding alternative to Apollo City in the commuter scooter class.

The social connection goes micro-mobile! Explore your limits. Join the Unagi community for exclusive scootering - taking you to another level.

Sign up HERE for the Unagi All-Access Subscription Program.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley

Daniel tests all the latest e-scooters and currently enjoys the Unagi Voyager as a daily driver for it's light weight, good range, and stylish look.

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